Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Town of Rattay Looks Different in Real Life, but Not by Much

Walls crumble, but mountains stand forever.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval RPG that promises historical realism, so it's not surprising that one of its biggest and most important towns, Rattay, is well-fortified. In the 15th century, asking "How are we going to keep enemies from storming the fortress" was a more urgent question than "How are we going to keep our drinking water supply from filling up with dirt and cow pee?"

Over on the Deliverance subreddit, redditor "xXEdgy13YrOldXx" shared a side-by-side comparison shot of Rattay in-game versus how Rattay looks today. The central Bohemian market town doesn't have walls or guards today, but its winding roads and mountainous, heavily-forested terrain gives it a lot of charm.

The mountains have seen your piddling man-made fortifications and they are unimpressed.

After observing the pics of Rattay then and now, redditors started talking about how they'd lay siege to the walled Rattay of old. "Rattay is located atop an unbelievably great strategic position," writes "Cupcake Sam." "The only way in during a siege would probably be the gate nearest to the mill."

Other suggestions include "burn the gatehouse, fill the moat, and risk the archers' arrows," "Deploy cannons," and "Just settle in for a good old-fashioned waiting game until their supplies run out." Whew. Good thing taking what you need from Rattay today simply involves going over to the town's general store and handing over a few korunas.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has found itself quite a strong fanbase, and the arrival of promised fixes for bugs and certain gameplay features should bring in even more fans. If you're thinking of playing and getting up to shenanigans in history's dampest, chilliest timeline outside the Ice Age, you'll want to go over our Deliverance guides for combat, lockpicking, and everything else.

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