Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Include Retro LCD Style Mini-games

There will be over 20 in the game.

Square Enix held a fan event for Kingdom Hearts this past weekend where the developers revealed a trailer for a new set of mini-games appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The games are styled after classic LCD games. Think the Game and Watch games from Nintendo. These little LCD mini-games are themed after various Disney properties with stylized, LCD versions of Kingdom Hearts characters. KHInsider reports there will be over 20 LCD games.

These mini-games were demoed for fans at the event, but you can see the trailer above. It shows Sora being handed a LCD game from some friends as he plays them in front of Goofy and Donald. Some of the games shown in the trailer include The Barnyard Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer.

After several years, we're expecting to see more of Kingdom Hearts 3 this year in anticipation of its 2018 release. While we still don't have a solid release date, one retailer has given Kingdom Hearts 3 an October placeholder date, which might indicate a general timeframe. That is unless the game is delayed again.

For more on Square Enix's long-awaited sequel check out our Everything We Know about Kingdom Hearts 3 guide for all the latest news and trailers.

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