Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is Out Today, and Critical Reception is (Mostly) Warm and Fuzzy

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is Out Today, and Critical Reception is (Mostly) Warm and Fuzzy

Is Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn worth dusting off your 3DS to play?

"Hiiiii!" Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is out for the Nintendo 3DS today. This "enhanced port" of the beloved 2010 Wii game includes a few new features that make Kirby's adventure a little more well-rounded this time out (though the puffball still lacks dimension; he is a yarn outline, after all).

Though it's on the easy side—even moreso than most Kirby games—original Epic Yarn garnered an enthusiastic following for its highly unique graphics and two player co-op. Extra Epic Yarn keeps the first game's yarny visuals intact, and it adds a couple of new ideas. First, Kirby can use some new abilities (though his hollow guts still make it impossible to inhale and copy enemies' abilities; instead, he uses "Ravel Abilities" to mow down foes). Second, a new "Devilish Mode" adds a life bar and challenges Kirby to race a one-eyed devil through each level (in the Wii game, Kirby can't die. And hey, is it me, or does the devil look like Plankton from SpongeBob Squarepants following a few solid weeks of binging nothing but nachos and hot dogs?). There are also a couple of new mini-games starring Metaknight and King Dedede, and Kirby can collect items that let him furnish his own house. Go, Kirby! Live that unattainable Millennial dream!

There is one big trade-off in Extra Epic Yarn, though. Kirby's sky-blue companion, Prince Puff, isn't playable. In fact, there's no co-op at all, which is a major draw for the original Epic Yarn. A local download play option wouldn't be amiss here.

Nevertheless, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn has garnered some positive reviews. Our sister site Nintendolife says the yarn-based gameplay is as strong as ever, plus Extra Epic Yarn is "made even stronger by the inclusion of all the ‘extra’ elements, such as Ravel Abilities, new mini-games, and optional harder difficulty." GameSpot is likewise positive, saying "This 3DS port is the best version of the game, hands down."

There is still criticism to be had, though. God is a Geek isn't happy with the extras and says, "Better to cherish the original memories than potentially tarnish them with muddled extras on offer here." GameXplain also feels the extras detract from the original experience rather than enhance it.

I suppose it comes down to system preference. It's hard to go wrong with Kirby's Epic Yarn in either of its forms: When we ranked all the Kirby games, it wound up near the top. It's a very good side-scroller, and your 3DS will probably appreciate the exercise.

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