Kojima Shows off Death Stranding E3 Trailer... Windows Desktop Icon

Kojima Shows off Death Stranding E3 Trailer... Windows Desktop Icon

The former Metal Gear Solid series director is done with teasers. He's all about teasers of teasers.

Former Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima can't wait until E3 to show us more of his latest project, Death Stranding. He took to Instagram earlier this morning to post a screenshot of the Adobe Premiere icon that, when clicked, will gush forth with baffling imagery of nude Norman Reedus' throat-babies. But clicking the icon now will not let you sample Kojima's mystery-fruit, for it is a mere screenshot of an icon.

We're getting down to that time of year when developers and publishers cover social media with teasers for their E3 trailers. That's right: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, et al are covered with coy hints and leaks for what's coming in June. It's all a bit silly and self-indulgent, and it's the kind of thing Kojima eats right up (let's be honest, the man doesn't take himself seriously despite all appearances to the contrary). He tagged his Instagram child with "madsmikkelsen," "normanreedus," "e3," and, of course, "deathstranding."

Might want to perform a few mind-expanding exercises before E3.

There's a deluge of excited responses to the icon, in addition to a couple of sarcastic comments. "Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the new trailer is just 20 minutes of Norman Reedus listening to 1930s swing jazz," writes Instagram user "alenisdone."

Thing is, for all we know about Kojima's plans with Death Stranding, they might be right. Even if Kojima has another trailer prepped for us, it sure as heck isn't a guarantee we'll learn how Death Stranding plays, or what it's even about. And that'll make three years in a row when we exit E3 asking "What in God's name is Kojima doing, other than throwing Sony's money up into the air and laughing as it showers back down on him and Reedus?"

No moral human can hope to make sense out of this year's Kojima Factor, but we can help you with everything else you want to know about the upcoming show. Visit our guide to E3 2018, which includes information on press conference times and how you can watch them.

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