Kratos Dad Jokes From the God of War Voice Actor are Sweet and Painful

The God of War keeps on rattlin' them off, and poor Atreus doesn't even have a mom to tell Kratos to knock it off.

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God of War for the PlayStation 4 is a lot of things, but first and foremost, it's a walking road trip between a (n absentee) father and his (weird, awkward) son. And what breaks the ice between a mismatched father-and-son duo? Music by Jethro Tull. But the Scandinavian setting for God of War predates the invention of the piccolo by about a thousand years, so Kratos and Atreus bond over dad jokes instead.

Note the in-game bonding moments shared by Kratos and his kid are generally of the "Gruff father's heart is thawed just a teeny bit by his fragile, sheltered son" variety; there aren't actually any dad jokes. At some point, though, the internet invented a headcanon where Atreus feeds knock-knock joke lead-ins to his father, and they all bounce off Kratos' talcum-dusted hide. This one's my favorite:

As it turns out, though, Kratos can dish out dad jokes. That is, his voice actor Christopher Judge can dish them out as Kratos. Polygon asked Judge to cough up a few groaners during the Tribeca Film Festival in April, and the results are most pleasing and aggravating.

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