Kunio Returns with River City Super Sports Challenge on PS3

Kunio Returns with River City Super Sports Challenge on PS3

If you're a fan of this decades-old Japanese series that had very few chances to shine in America, head to the PlayStation Store ASAP.

The Japanese series Kunio-kun is one that honestly should have had a bigger following in America. After all, it essentially created the brawler (Renegade), gave '80s kids an amazingly fun sports game (Super Dodge Ball), and transformed Double Dragon into a cartoony, open-world romp (River City Ransom).

Since Kunio-kun essentially ended in the mid-90s, it's been coasting by on nostalgia, with plenty of remakes and reinterpretations of old classics over the past two decades. And yesterday's release in the PlayStation Store—a reworking of a 2010 DS game I'm guessing not many people played—doesn't break this ongoing trend. But, seeing as it's the first time we've seen an English-language Kunio-kun game in five years, you should at least agree it's worth a look.

If you've played the NES' Crash 'n' the Boys Street Challenge, River City Super Sports Challenge ~ All Stars Special ~ should look more than a little familiar—though this time around, there's no unfortunate box art to turn the bug-eyed Technos characters into Cabbage Patch Kids going through puberty. It's essentially a take on Track and Field, but with more violence; something we can all agree Track and Field was missing.

The unfortunate side of this surprising release? It's only on PS3. But, seeing as Sony hasn't given us a way to play all the PS1 and PS2 games we purchased long ago, here's another reason to leave that console in your entertainment center.

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