Late Nintendo CEO's Iwata Asks Feature to be Compiled Into a New Book

Satoru Iwata's popular feature will be the basis of a new book.

Late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata's popular Iwata Asks interview series will be compiled into a book for the first time ever. The book will be published by the lifestyle and planner company Hobonichi which was founded by Eartbound creator Shigesato Itoi.

Before Iwata died in 2015 at the age of 55 from complications with a bile duct tumor, Iwata hosted a regular series where he asked developers about the process of making their games. Iwata's past as a programmer gave him a unique insight into game design not a lot of other CEOs had. The Iwata Asks segments were quite popular and were translated into English from Japanese.

Current Hobonichi director Yasuhiro Nagata announced the book on Twitter after posting a photo for the book's cover. It's unclear whether the Iwata Asks book will be translated into English, but as many have noted Hobonichi primarily operates within Japan and doesn't translate many of its products. The only exception is its popular Hobonichi daily planner which has an English edition.

Nagata was also a long-time editor at the Japanese magazine Famitsu. And Itoi was also an old friend of Iwata's since the Earthbound era where Iwata helped complete development on. So, it's good to know that the book project is tied to two people who must've had great familiarity with Iwata.

Whether or not Hobonichi's Iwata Asks book will be published in English, you can read them now over on Nintendo's official website. There are some great features that cover game series like The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, and Wii Fit.

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