Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer Features a Big Ol' Psyduck Hug

Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer Features a Big Ol' Psyduck Hug

If Psyduck hugs were freely distributed, there'd be no war.

Trailers for the Detective Pikachu movie have run the emotional gamut. We've had "funny," we've had "exciting," and now we have "emotional." Everybody huddle together for a Psyduck hug. Awww. I'm not tearing up, you are.

Pikachu voice actor Ryan Reynolds shared the latest Detective Pikachu trailer on his Twitter account earlier today as a prescription for "a weary world." Indeed, it's good medicine. The trailer focuses on Pokemon interacting with each other and their human buddies to the accompaniment of Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.

We're not far from Detective Pikachu's release, but its trailers keep revealing new Pokemon. This time we see a Braviary fly high above Ryme City, which is pretty cool. We also see a disgruntled parent Pangoro try to keep its Pancham brood in check while they tumble all over the place. Seems tired moms and dads aren't exclusive to the human world.

Earlier this month we saw an "audition reel" for various Pokemon appearing in Detective Pikachu that gives us an idea of the wide range of critters we can expect to see. I think the hype's come a long way since the first trailer intrigued and horrified us with Mr. Mime's baby-smooth head. I even said movie Pikachu reminded me of the Cabbage Patch doll whose face I ruined with crayons before throwing her in a tree. I've since become much more comfortable with Reynoldchu. Either the editing crew's sanded down his more "uncanny valley" traits, or I've just become desensitized. Eh, either one works.

Detective Pikachu comes to theatres on May 10. Never thought I'd be saying this about a movie based on a video game, but social media's smoldering excitement leads me to believe it might be worth your while to buy tickets in advance if you plan to see it on opening day.

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