Latest Humble Weekly Bundle Brings 9 Retro PC Classics Together

Latest Humble Weekly Bundle Brings 9 Retro PC Classics Together

Three Wizardries, four classic adventures and System Shock 2. And, uh, Shadow Man.

The changing nature of computer operating systems over time has meant that, while hardware hasn't quite changed in "generations" like consoles have, there are still a number of older titles that you simply can't play today without a fair amount of tinkering.

Fortunately, there are a number of modern outfits that have been set up to minimize said tinkering and allow whole new audiences to discover these ageing classics -- or for older gamers to rediscover the games they played in their youth. Digital distributor is probably the most well-known of these companies, but Night Dive Studios has been quietly making a name for itself in this field for a while now, too.

The latest Humble Weekly Bundle collects together nine retro games that Night Dive Studios has converted and patched to be fully playable on modern systems.

A tasty selection.

The basic "pay what you want" bundle will give you the first-person dungeon crawlers Wizardry 6 and 7 and the dark, gritty and weird Shadow Man. Pay at least $5 and you can add Harlan Ellison's adventure I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream to the mix along with gory FMV adventure Harvester and puzzle adventure The 7th Guest. Pay $9 or more and you can also add the eighth installment of the Wizardry series along with The 7th Guest's sequel The 11th Hour and Ken Levine classic/BioShock precursor System Shock 2. All told, there's probably several hundred hours' worth of gameplay there making this particular bundle, as usual, rather good value.

All the games in the package will redeem on Steam for Windows PCs, with some also available for OS X or Linux platforms. As usual for Humble Bundles, you can split your payment how you wish, dividing it between Night Dive Studios, the Child's Play and American Red Cross charities and Humble itself as you see fit.

The bundle is worth it for System Shock 2 alone, frankly, but the other games are well worth a look, too, if only as a reminder of what video games used to look like.

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