Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Video Reveals New Pokémon, Hyper Training Mode

Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Video Reveals New Pokémon, Hyper Training Mode

Make pals with the new Pokémon and ponder if Hyper Training will change the competitive battling scene.

At this specific point in time, life, the universe, and everything is Pokémon GO. Don't let your perusal of augmented reality PokéFriends let you forget that two new mainstream series entries, Pokémon Sun and Moon, are scheduled to hit the Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

Last week, Japan's CoroCoro magazine revealed two new Pokémon for Sun and Moon: Kiteruguma, a Normal / Fighting-type bear with enormous strength, and Mimicu, a mildly frightening Ghost / Fairy type who hides itself under a sheet with Pikachu's face clumsily scribbled on it.

An English video released by The Pokémon Company earlier today gives us a little more info about these two newcomers (including their English names), as well as info about other new Pokemon and a new "Hyper Training" mode.

We now know Mimicu's official English name more or less remains the same as "Mimikyu." Kiteruguma is now "Bewear," and he stands at a massive 6'11." Do not hug without adult supervision.

Other new Pokémon are Wimpod (a Water / Bug type that resembles a horseshoe crab and is likely to run away from battle with the assistance of its inherent "Wimp Out" ability), Bounsweet (a Grass-type and another entry in Pokémon's family of "Awww!"-inspiring plants), Mudsdale (a Ground-type horse Pokémon with a hefty kick), and Comfey (a Fairy-type who's based on a Polynesian lei and grabs its own "tail").

Pokémon Sun and Moon's Hyper Training mode lets you increase your Pokémon's stats even after it reaches the level 100 level cap. This is an interesting option, since it'll probably shake up the competitive battling scene.

You can only engage Hyper Training if you have bottle caps, and it's currently not known how you get them. One of Sun and Moon's legendary Pokémon, Magearna, is supposed to be holding one when / if you catch it.

Serebii already has a page dedicated to Hyper Training, so check it out from time to time. Then sit down and admit to yourself that Mudsdale is best pony.

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