LawBreakers Publisher Writes Off Game, Says PUBG Success Helped Create Low Sales

LawBreakers underperformed and Nexon is not having any of it.

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Nexon announced that its third quarter earnings were lower-than-expected. This is mainly due to the low sales of LawBreakers, which the company published.

LawBreakers failed to reach the core audience.

"Our results in North America in the third quarter were below our outlook, mainly due to the sales from LawBreakers being below our expectations," said Nexon in its Q3 Earning Report.

One of the main reasons Nexon says caused LawBreakers to underperform? PUBG.

"LawBreakers is a unique FPS developed for core users. We had very high expectations for its launch; however, the timing of its launch turned out to be unfortunate, specifically the blockbuster PC online game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds came out right about the same time, making the market environment very tough for the first-person shooters in general and for LawBreakers."

PUBG is currently one of the most popular PC games on the market.

Nexon's CFO Shiro Uemura later added during a conference Q&A that of the impairment losses and extraordinary expenses Nexon suffered in Q3, "LawBreakers-related impairment loss actually accounts for the majority of that amount." Uemura added, "And also, regarding impairment loss for LawBreakers, this is everything, so we will not be accruing any other impairment loss pertaining to LawBreakers in the future."

This suggests that Nexon is writing off LawBreakers, which is never a good sign for a game.

It's hard to see a way forward for LawBreakers. Even if PUBG was directly responsible for the game's failure, the response to LawBreakers has been relatively tepid from the start. It remains to be seen if there will be an official announcement regarding LawBreakers' future from Nexon.

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  • Avatar for JonnS #1 JonnS 9 months ago
    PUBG may have had a hand but it was Overwatch that truly caused Lawbreakers to fizzle ,plus LB felt underwhelming and very Blah compared to the other 2 games . Real shame all they can do going forward is learn from it .
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #2 Monkey-Tamer 9 months ago
    Saturated market is saturated. History will remember the big names, like UT99 and Quake 3 from back in the day. Everything else will be all but forgotten. PUBG and Overwatch will probably be the games from this part of history that are remembered.
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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene #3 UnskippableCutscene 9 months ago
    My interest in Overwatch is actually fizzling because there's simply too many MOBA elements in the game. I would actually say being good at League of Legends is more useful than being good at FPS fundamentals in a game like that because the positioning and the timing of using your super-ability to swing things is so important.

    It wasn't impossible for Lawbreakers to succeed, just as it wasn't impossible for Unreal Tournament. Quake Champions is doing pretty well despite being in a pay-to-play "beta" phase and being a bit of a technical mess in the driver and optimization departments. That's because QC started with the community it had (Quake Live never-die'ers, QuakeCon attendees, etc) and built upward and outward. It just really needs to get past the point where everyone is paying for access and launch the "one free hero, pay for each" model they've been talking up forever.

    LawBreakers never had anyone's ear even at the planning phase, in part because it was leaning on a legacy of Unreal Tournament (namely, "this is Cliffy B's new game and it's fast action"), and not only has Unreal Tournament failed to reinvent itself several times in the past 15 years but the current iteration is already here and already free.Edited January 2018 by UnskippableCutscene
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