Layers of Fear 2 Puzzles Walkthrough - Lock Combinations, Projector Puzzles, Morse Code

Layers of Fear 2 Puzzles Walkthrough - Lock Combinations, Projector Puzzles, Morse Code

Layers of Fear 2 has plenty of puzzles. Here’s how to get through all of them.

While making your way through the five chapters in Layers of Fear 2, you’ll need to solve a ton of puzzles. They aren’t exactly easy either, often involving shape-shifting doors and angry ghosts. To help you make it through all of the puzzles in Layers of Fear 2, we’ve put together this Layers of Fear 2 Puzzle Guide. We’ll cover all of the puzzles from chapters 1-5. This includes all lock puzzles, vaults, projector puzzles, and the Layers of Fear 2 Bedroom puzzle.

Layers of Fear 2 Puzzles Walkthrough

There are puzzles all of the way through Layers of Fear 2, and you’ll need to get through all of them in order to earn the Trophies. A few of them can be really tricky too, given just how trippy Layers of Fear 2 gets at times. We’ve broken up each puzzle in Layers of Fear 2 by chapter below:

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 1 Puzzles - Morse Code, Lock Puzzle, Projector Puzzle 1

The first chapter of Layers of Fear 2 has a bunch of puzzles to play through. We’ve included all of the solutions below:

Morse Code Trophy

The first puzzle is found around halfway through Chapter 1. You’ll use Morse Code to trigger the net objective, though you can also get a trophy here. You just need to spell out SOS a few times in Morse code. Click here for a clue on what that sounds like. Once you’ve done it a few times, the Perfect Storm trophy will pop.

Lock Puzzle Chapter 1

The first Lock Puzzle you come across is pretty easy. You just need to interact with the bird cage and a weight will break through the ceiling. Look up through the hole and you’ll see the code.

Living Room Puzzle

You’ll eventually come across a living room scene. There’s a lever to the right of you, pull it to rotate the platform ahead. Now, make your way to the other side of the room, where you’ll see a button. Pressing it will lower a chair. All you need to do is lower the chair onto the white dotted outline.

Chapter 1 Safe Combination

The first safe puzzle now. You’ll need to input the code 10-80-40. This means spinning to 10 (anti-clockwise), 80 (clockwise), and then 40 (anti-Clockwise). Release each time you input a number and the safe will open !

Projector Puzzle Chapter 1

The first Projector Puzzle can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to do. Just slide the frames in and out of the projector. You will see a door in one of the frames, this is what you need to leave on the wall. A door will then appear.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 2 Puzzles - Lock Puzzle 2, Projector Puzzle 2, Clock Puzzle Solutions

The puzzles are a lot harder in chapter 2 of Layers of Fear 2. Here are all of the solutions to get you through it:

Layers of Fear 2 Generator

The first puzzle you’ll run into is the generator. It is pretty simple to solve, all you need to do is pick up the plug from the wall and plug it into the socket opposite. Now just pull the lever.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 2 Projector Puzzle

Onto the next Projector Puzzle now. This one can be a little tricky to work out, but it’s easy once you get the first piece in place. You’re essentially going to build a door. Start by projecting the frame. Then the door itself. Now look for a door handle to layer onto it. Once you’ve built the door you’ll need to slide to the image of the keys. Doing so will spawn a key on the table to the left of the image. Unlock the door and walk through.

Layers of Fear 2 Lock Puzzle 2

This Lock Puzzle is entirely optional but pretty easy to get. All you need to do is head down the hallway and enter the door to your left. Inside is a mannequin on a table. It’ll do a spooky jump-scare thing and then you can look at the chalkboard behind you. Spin it around to reveal the code.

Layers of Fear 2 Gears Puzzle

In order to progress here, you’ll need to match up the gears ahead. The lever on the left switches controls between the inner and the outer rings. The buttons on the right turn this section clockwise or counterclockwise. Start by matching the inner layer to the outer layer using the large curved outline running through the middle of the shape.

Layers of Fear 2 Clock Puzzle

Next up we have the Layers of Fear 2 Clock Puzzle. To the left of the clock you will see a screen with two numbers. Your goal is to match the number on the left to the one on the right. To do so, move the arm to a number to add it onto the total. You’ll need to match it 3 times in order to progress.

Layers of Fear 2 Projector Puzzle Vent Puzzle

This Projector Puzzle is easy. Just slide the Projector slides back and forth until you see a vent. Leave it on the wall. It will appear and then you can move through it.

Layers of Fear 2 Give Up or Take

This is one of the scenes in Layers of F2 that will determine what ending you will get. If you want to Obey the director then you’ll need to take the meat away from the dog. If you want to get the Flame ending, you’ll need to disobey the director. To do so, keep selecting Give Up.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 3 Puzzle Solutions - Stew Pot, Bedroom Puzzle, Rocket, Plant

Chapter 3 of Layers of Fear is essentially one long puzzle section. You’ll need to grow plants, make a very morbid stew, and fire a rocket into space. Let’s get started.

Layers of Fear 2 Stew Puzzle

The first puzzle you’ll come across is a giant stew pot. To progress you need to head into the next area and grab the brain off of the mannequin. Past the door on the left is an arm you’ll need to collect. The door to the area on the right has a heart. Add all of the body parts to the pot.

Layers of Fear 2 Bedroom Puzzle

The bedroom puzzle is probably the most complicated in the entire game. Follow the steps below to beat it:

  • Grab the mouth from the painting above the projector.
  • Place the mouth onto the statue.
  • Turn around and grab the necklace from the case at the base of the poker table.
  • Take the mouth, and then place it onto the mannequin on the wall above the bed.
  • Place the necklace onto the bust that appears.
  • Grab the ace card from the tower of cards that appears by the poker table.
  • Take the mouth again, and place it back onto the statue.
  • Place the ace card into the hand of the man on the left.
  • Take the mouth again, and place them onto the wall next to the bed.
  • A path will appear.

Layers of Fear 2 Box Puzzle Solution

Around halfway through chapter 3 of Layers of Fear 2, you’ll see a box. You’ll need to fill it with mannequin heads, which can be found in the room. Once the first one is in, close the lid. You’ll need to keep heading around the room to pick them up and put them in.

Layers of Fear 2 Shoot the Girl Choice

This is another of the key choices you’ll need to make in order to get a certain ending in Layers of Fear 2. If you want to obey the Director, shoot the girl. To disobey, you need to shoot the creatures to the right and left of you.

Layers of Fear 2 Rocket Puzzle

For the next puzzle, head to the office section of the area. You need to build a rocket near the desk. There are three pieces to find. One is next to the light. One in the junk behind it. And one is in the fireplace behind the desk. Once they’re all in place, grab the plug from the ground next to the desk and plug it in. Press the button and then look through the porthole of the rocket.

Layers of Fear 2 Plant Puzzle

This is easily the hardest puzzle in Layers of Fear 2. Look through the keyhole on the right to see an image. You need to match this image with the screen in front of you. To turn on the rain, use the taps. To make wind, press the music box on the right. To grow the plant, interact with the pot. Once you’ve matched the first image, look through the keyhole on the left. This will introduce the radio into the room. The radio switches the scene from day to night.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 4 Puzzles - Projector, X-ray Puzzle

There aren’t too many puzzles to take on in Chapter 4 of Layers of Fear 2. Let’s take a look.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 4 Projector Puzzle

Another Projector Puzzle now. All you need to do here is match the slide where the light is at its largest and brightest. Once you’ve done so, walk up onto the stage.

Layers of Fear 2 X-Ray Puzzle

While releasing rats in the sea area of Layers of Fear 2, you’ll come across the X-Ray Puzzle. There are two TVs, which can be made to display different body parts. If you look closely at the pictures to the left of the TV, you’ll see a red outline of the shape you need to display. Right Arm to the right. Skull on the left. Open the rat cage.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 5 Puzzles - Vault Puzzle, Mannequin Maze

Finally, onto Chapter 5. Here are the solutions for the Vault Puzzle and Mannequin Maze in Chapter 5 of Layers of Fear 2.

Layers of Fear 2 Chapter 5 Vault Puzzle

The vault puzzle here can be difficult to work out. Turn the vault wheel. Now, turn around and head back through the hole and open the door on your left. A scene will trigger. Head back to the vault wheel and slowly wind it clockwise until the first tumbler clicks into place. Now, slowly rotate it the other way to get the others to slide in. Now open the vault.

Layers of Fear 2 Mannequin Maze

To get through the mannequin maze at the end of Layers of Fear 2, you’ll need to dodge three ghosts. The first two you can just run past. The third is blocking your way. Note the alternate path, and use it to lead the third ghost through. You can then run towards the ladder at the end of the maze and climb it.

That’s all of the solutions for the puzzles in Layers of Fear 2. For more on the game, check out our Layers of Fear 2 Endings Guide, which explains how to get all three endings.

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