League of Legends Surpasses 100 Million Monthly Players

League of Legends Surpasses 100 Million Monthly Players

Riot Games' flagship title is still doing big business for the company.

Though other competitors have launched, Riot Games' League of Legends is still the largest game in the MOBA genre. In an interview with Polygon, Riot Games founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck revealed that the game has surpassed 100 million active monthly players.

LoL is a worldwide phenomenon.

"It's hard to parse, but at the end of the day, those things don't even feel real," said Beck. "The coolest thing is actually when we're at the live events and get to meet fans face to face. Only then does it start to feel real. Otherwise, they're just numbers on a screen all over the world."

"Our players have stuck with us with this incredible loyalty that really challenges us every day to feel like we earn it," he added. "They've helped create this community where all this fan art is shared, and there's all these people to hang out with and there's all these phenomenal streams to watch with the advent of streaming. It's all that stuff that our players have built around us that's allowed this happen."

The pair also revealed how quickly the game reached its first milestone of 100,000 concurrent players: within two months of launch. Essentially, from the word "go", League of Legends has been growing very quickly. That's why it is still one of the most profitable PC titles worldwide, according to SuperData Research.

Riot Games' founders also revealed that they're still working on what's next. Within Riot's research and development group, the company is trying out a ton of small project, most of which will never see the light of day.

"We're prototyping," Beck said. "We're thinking about both options. Some experiences really need to be realized in different universes, and some experiences would be fucking awesome in the League universe. We're being flexible."

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