Leaked No Man's Sky Trailer Reveals Brand New Mech Suits

Leaked No Man's Sky Trailer Reveals Brand New Mech Suits

Hello Games' latest addition says "hello" a bit too early.

No Man's Sky has come a long way since its feature-thin launch, but with an open-ended game about exploring space and amassing resources, there's a near infinite amount of cool things that could be added. As a new leaked trailer reveals, the next covetable bit of gear being added to No Man's Sky are giant mechs, so you can cross those off your wishlist.

The trailer, spotted by Twinfinite, was initially uploaded to Microsoft's official Xbox channel on YouTube before being delisted. Given the timing, it's fairly likely that Hello Games was hoping to unveil the mechs on tomorrow's Inside Xbox stream. The reveal was left up long enough for some folks to nab the video:

These "Exo Mechs" look about as agile on-foot as the lumbering loaders from Aliens, but they clearly have some serious hops with a generous amount of air control, too. It also looks like they come equipped with mining beams, which should mean you're not left out of the resource collection loop while piloting them. Those lasers may also come in handy if any hostile faunas or Sentinels try to get you down.

For the Gundam and Macross fans amongst us, this might be enough to pull you back into No Man's Sky or get you going for the first time. As for dedicated No Man's Sky players, it's been about six weeks since the release of the update that added biological spaceships to the game, so there's been plenty of time for each person to find the right S-class carapace for their fleet. Now, assembling and perfecting a mech can be their next task.

On top of keeping busy with No Man's Sky updates, Hello Games is also getting ready to release The Last Campfire. The single-player puzzle-adventure game is quite the departure from No Man's Sky and Hello's Joe Danger series. It's due for release on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC this summer.

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