Legend of Zelda Job Listing Looking for Level Designers

Legend of Zelda Job Listing Looking for Level Designers

A job listing from Nintendo hints at where The Legend of Zelda might be going.

Get your CV in order: Nintendo of Japan is looking for a level designer to work on a game in the Legend of Zelda series. If hired, you'd be responsible for making "events/dungeons/fields/enemies from design to actual implementation."

The intriguing job listing was translated earlier today on Twitter by BlackKite. The posting also suggests you should have planner experience on console games and are able to communicate in Japanese.

"Hey, Nintendo's working on another Zelda game!" has been news since last year, but the job posting hints Nintendo's past the game's earliest planning stage. Or maybe the new Zelda has been past that stage for a while and Nintendo is getting ready to make a push.

Though the job description is a little vague, there are some hints at what Nintendo has planned for Link's future: "Events, dungeons, fields, and enemies." Standard Zelda stuff, in other words, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The million-rupee question is, "How will Nintendo shuffle and stack Zelda's building blocks this time?" Breath of the Wild's overworld is incredible, but some fans feel the game's dungeons/shrines are underwhelming. Maybe the new Zelda cuts back on Breath of the Wild's huge overworld and funnels more resources into dungeons—though in a perfect world, we'd get Breath of the Wild's sprawling plains and the varied dungeons of past games.

Finally, some Zelda fans wonder if the listing is for the upcoming mobile game, but BlackKite says the call for console game developers is clear. Another day, another band of mystery added to Zelda mobile's growing shroud.

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