Pokemon Go Gets Its First Wild Legendary Pokemon Drop

Pokemon Go Gets Its First Wild Legendary Pokemon Drop

You can try and catch at least one of the three legendary Lake Trio Pokemon, provided you're on certain continents.

To capture legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go is usually a test. Toppling a tough raid boss successfully and throwing a Premier Ball at it after usually does the trick, but this week, the developers at Niantic were a bit more sneaky with the most recent legendary Pokemon rollout.

Across the world—the Americas, Asia, and Europe—players are reporting stumbling upon the Sinnoh region's lake-bound trio Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit in each respective region. Characteristically, some are reporting that they are spawning around bodies of water; though others dispute this too. The creatures aren't common though, and appear to still be wildly rare, likely due to their legendary status. It's the first time legendary Pokemon have been released in this manner in Pokemon Go's history.

Later this summer, the annual Pokemon Go Festival will be held in three locations: Dortmund (Germany) on July 4-7, Chicago on July 13-16, and a currently-unrevealed locale in Asia. It will be the first time the festival leaves its usual location of Chicago for additional places.

The series movie adaptation Detective Pikachu will also be in theaters in just a couple weeks on May 10, and it wouldn't be a big surprise if Pokemon Go sees some Pikachu-related event because of it. In the meantime, get out to your local lake and snatch up those Azelfs if you get lucky (or other members of the Lake Trio, if you're not in the Americas).

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