LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time: How to Earn Lots of Studs

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time: How to Earn Lots of Studs

Here's how to earn lots of studs in the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time level pack and Adventure World.

What Are Studs? Why Collect Them?

Studs are the universal currency in the LEGO series of video games. You use them to make in-game purchases and upgrades, including (but not limited to) vehicle upgrades, Adventure World renovations, and Rent-a-Hero options for level blockades that can only be handled by certain characters.

The LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time level pack is no exception. When you collect enough studs to fill up your Stud Bar (shown at the top of the screen whenever you gather studs), you earn the Rulebreaker status, a Gold brick, and possibly an achievement / trophy.

Studs come in five different denominations. Silver studs are the most common, and each one is worth ten points. Gold studs are also fairly common, and worth 100 points. Blue studs aren't very common, and are worth 1,000 points. Purple studs are quite rare, and worth 10,000 points. Shiny purple studs are exceptionally rare, and worth 100,000 points.

How Can I Earn a Lot of Studs in LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time?

There are two ways to earn studs in Adventure Time: Via the level pack's adventure (wherein Finn and Jake complete trials to find the Enchiridion, then track and fight the Lich), and in the open Adventure World, which has lots of studs to find and quests you can complete.

The Adventure Time Adventure World also grants you the opportunity to buy the "Mathematical!" Red Block, which gives you extra studs when you rack up combat combo multipliers. Find it, equip it, and use it.

Here are some general tips on earning lots of studs in LEGO Dimensions' Adventure Time levels. Need some help finding the Adventure Time minikit pieces / Royal Tarts? We can help you with that.

Take a vehicle -- Vehicles (like the Jakemobile) reduce enemies to pieces in record time, which means you waste less time punching, kicking, and slicing. Just run over your quarry and collect their studs. If possible, you might want to upgrade your vehicle so that it pulls studs towards you like a magnet. Some skills, like Harry Potter's "Accio Studs," serve the same purpose.

Break everything (use Finn's crossbow to help) -- Bashing things apart is the #1 way to earn studs in LEGO games, and that goes for LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time, too. But it can admittedly be kind of hard to tell what objects you can interact with, and which are just background setpieces. A good way to tell the difference (and take apart breakable objects at the same time) is to aim the reticle of Finn's crossbow all around an area. Breakable objects will be marked, which you can then fire on for studs.

Take as many characters with you as possible -- Oftentimes, the only way to find those elusive blue and purple studs is to break down walls and objects that only characters from outside properties can access. For instance, the Land of Ooo has a few walls that can only be torn down with Harry Potter's magic. If you have a Harry figure you can bring into the game, breaking down those walls often reveal large bricks stuffed with rare, valuable studs. Cross-pollenate whenever you can!

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