LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time: Where to Find All the Minikit Pieces and Royal Tarts

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time: Where to Find All the Minikit Pieces and Royal Tarts

Here's how to find all the Royal Tarts / minikit pieces for the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time level pack.

What Are Royal Tarts / Minikits?

Minikits are fun collectable sets in LEGO Dimensions that relate to the level packs you find them in. For instance, the Adventure Time level pack lets you collect pieces for a little model of Finn and Jake's iconic treehouse. Math!

Each level of LEGO Dimensions delivers minikit pieces through ten collectables that are relevant to the level's property. In the Adventure Time levels, these minikit pieces are found in the form of Royal Tart carrying cases. They're cylindrical, mostly clear, and have little red tarts floating inside them.

Looking for easy ways to collect lots of studs in the Adventure Time level pack and / or Adventure World? Here's how to do it.

Where To Find Each Royal Tart / Minikit Piece (And Which Characters You Need)

Tart 1: Play and win BMO's spider-collecting game in the Treehouse (only BMO can interact with his docking station).

Tart 2: There's a shelf on the rightmost half of Finn and Jake's treasure room that contains the pieces for a button. Hit the pieces, then assemble them in the middle of the room. Step on the button, then hit the five beacons that activate. If you hit them within the time limit, you'll win another tart.

Tart 3: When you leave the treasure room and start your hero's quest, walk left until you see a castle guarded by the Box Kitties. Hit the blue device to trigger the portal, then put a character on the orange side to shrink them. When they're small, enter the castle's clear door and crawl around to press all three switches and get a strawberry tart. Put the character figure on the green half to make them normal size again.

Tart 4: Look for a yellow car during the second half of the battle with the flying gnomes; it's on the east side of the battleground. Hit the car to find a tart in the trunk.

Tart 5: At Mount Cragdor, use Harry Potter to cut open the red panel on the right side of the fortress. Climb into the giant's mouth when it opens in surprise. Solve the dance puzzle inside the giant's stomach.

Tart 6: Inside the giant, get Wildstyle to assemble a fountain from the Slurpee machine, car, and pop machine near the entrance. When the pieces of the next tart float to the surface of the fountain, assemble them.

Tart 7: Inside the giant, climb the rope next to the dance floor. Go right and use a laser-equipped LEGO character to cut down Party Pat's sign (Cyborg and Gamer Kid are two examples). Assemble a tart with the pieces that fall out.

Tart 8: Inside the giant, use a character who can swim (Aquaman is a good example) to plunge into the hole that leads down into the giant's intestines. Break the five barriers you find inside, and collect another tart.

Tart 9: Use a vehicle at the ramp at the end of the Lich's gauntlet to leap through the flaming hoop. Freebie!

Tart 10: In the subway area, clear the debris from the color platforms. Then use Ghostbuster Abby Yates' to recharge the dead terminal box. Use Yates' Charge Transfer skill to move energy from the charged terminal to the offline terminal box near the start of the level, on the tracks. Hit the keystone to activate it, and complete the portal color puzzle. You'll find the tart inside the cup once you're successful.

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