Lego: The Movie: The Game Coming Next Year

It is a tangled spiderweb of licensing that Lego weaves, with the result being a game based on a movie based on the toys. Or something.

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I've always found the Lego games to be fun, but also slightly disappointing.

Part of the joy of Lego is being creative and building things, and there have been very few Lego games over the years that capitalize on that fact by allowing players to actually build stuff. Oh, sure, the Traveller's Tales Lego games have always included the ability to "build" things by standing in front of them and holding a button, but there's never really been enough freeform building for my liking. Wouldn't it be neat to drive around Lego City in an ill-formed car you ham-fistedly snapped together yourself? I think it would.

Whether or not we'll see that sort of functionality in the upcoming new Lego game, confusingly titled The Lego Movie Videogame, remains to be seen. Said new installment in the Lego game franchise is based on the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures, and the companion toy sets that kids will undoubtedly be harassing their parents about before very long.

The Lego Movie Videogame casts players in the role of "Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average Lego minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world." Of course he is.

Emmet will join up with a "fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant" and will have to work hard in order to become a Master Builder. A significant proportion of the game sounds like it will be based around collecting Lego instruction pages to build Lego sets, but it's not clear whether or not players will be doing any actual building, or if it will just be the same as past offerings from Traveller's Tales.

The game will include 90 different characters and 15 levels, suggesting it will be a more linear, focused experience rather than offering freeform chaos in the vein of Wii U title Lego City Undercover. It'll be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Wii U, PC, 3DS and Vita sometime in 2014; presumably we'll get a more specific release date when more details about the game itself are revealed.

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