Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Nature Day Has Made us All Weed Dealers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Nature Day Has Made us All Weed Dealers

Leif has returned to Animal Crossing, and he wants to buy our weed.

Today is a big day in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That's because it's the dawn of a new update, one that brings back "Jolly" Redd (no longer "crazy," thankfully) as a visitor peddling genuine and knock-off art and ignites the newest limited time event: Nature Day. Unlike Bunny Day, Nature Day isn't overwhelming every aspect of island living. Instead, it's a more casual-themed time, with returning horticulturist-sloth Leif hanging out in the town square, selling rare flowers (a.k.a. stuff that isn't native to your island) and shrubberies.

Fans online are already excited about the possibilities of the new addition of shrubs. Even I have cooked up a master plan to utilize the bushes, with a new lake I'm making that I will surround with them. But Leif has an underrated perk aside from his Nature Day sales, which goes on until May 4—he buys your weeds for double the price of Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny. Similar to how C.J. and Flick will buy off your fish and bugs for 1.5x the normal amount, Leif will pay for those weeds you've been keeping in your storage for no apparent reason other than the occasional crafting.

In my recipe inventory, I barely have any recipes that even require weeds, rendering most of them useless. Sure, I can waste them by crafting an item that's worth a few hundred bells and sell those en masse (as I did with Bunny Day items with my spare eggs), but thanks to Nature Day, there's now a less time-consuming option: Leif will pay 20 Bells per weed. It sounds silly in practice—I'm basically Leif's weed supplier. The poor sloth has never heard of a dispensary. But it's okay.

If you're at all like me, then when you visit a Nook Miles deserted island, you pull every weed and pick every flower to help spawn more bugs that don't flock to flowers. Usually, I leave the stack of weeds behind when I head home—instead farming tarantulas and Atlus moths for profit. Tonight, I foresee myself not forgoing the weeds. After all, this morning I made nearly 20k Bells selling just a handful of stacks in my inventory, leaving myself one stack of 99k weeds "just in case" I need them for some bizarre reason. It's not the most lucrative money making avenue in the world of Animal Crossing, but it's a quick and easy one. Considering most island ventures can run you a stack of nearly 99 weeds alone, it's a worthwhile endeavor to keep that slot while mining for materials or farming lucrative fish and bugs.

Leif is a returning character from the Nintendo 3DS predecessor, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In New Leaf, the sloth was the shopkeeper of the Garden Center, where players all bought flowers, saplings, and more. Here, Leif's more of a traveling salesman—much like Kicks with his shoe stand. For Nature Day, Leif will be posting up to sell shrubs and fresh flowers. Just this morning, I bought a bundle of roses from him.

Unrelated: I just wanted to brag about my full ironwood kitchen. | Caty McCarthy/USG, Nintendo

Nature Day's primary celebration lies in its Nook Miles rewards. Taking the spot of your normal Nook Miles tasks, green-outlined tasks ask you to do nature-related activities, such as planting shrubs you bought from Leif. Players will net 5x the Nook Miles points for completing a Nature Day task. (Pro tip: If you're overflowing with Nook Miles points, spend them on Bell vouchers to cash into Nook's Cranny—another easy way to make a lot of money.)

Nature Day's casual-ness has me excited about the future of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' updates. A few events have already been announced. International Museum Day, from May 18 to May 31, lets players collect stamps by visiting exhibits at their museums. The whole month of June will have a Wedding Season photography event. Halloween, the Thanksgiving-ish "Harvest Festival," the jolly ol' Toy Day, and more were also teased in Nintendo's last Nintendo Direct discussing the free updates coming to the life simulator.

But for now, we have Leif and his shrubs (and hedges, thanks to Tom Nook). Hopefully soon, Redd will visit my secret beach too, thus expanding my museum to house art—if I don't get plagiarized versions of famous art by accident. After the annoyances of Bunny Day, you could rightfully say now that perhaps there's never been a better time to play Animal Crossing. I mean, what else are we going to do?

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