Leisure Suit Larry Source Code No Longer Up For Auction Thanks to Activision

Leisure lawsuit Larry.

Al Lowe, the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, pulled the auction for his Sierra-era memorabilia which included the source code for the original Leisure Suit Larry after Activision stepped in with a takedown notice.

Last week Lowe put a variety of video game artifacts up for auction. One of the more popular items up for bit was the Leisure Suit Larry source code on 5.25" diskettes and a separate auction for the Leisure Suit Larry 2 source code. Both auctions were removed after Activision instructed its lawyers to send Lowe a takedown notice for both source codes. What's more, Activision didn't own the rights to Leisure Suit Larry.

However, the reason the takedown notices went through, and something Activision admitted in its letter, is that while the company doesn't own the Leisure Suit Larry IP, the source codes code contain "shared code" present in the King's Quest and Space Quest games which Activision does own. Hence the takedown.

Lowe attempted to get ahead of this issue by warning bidders that owning the source code will not be the same as owning the IP rights to the game but decided against fighting Activision's takedown. So sadly there will not be an opportunity to own this interesting piece of gaming history.

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