Less Than a Day Into the SNES Classic Launch and the Star Fox 2 ROM has Already Leaked Online

Some people just want the SNES Classic for Star Fox 2.

News by Matt Kim, .

Less than a day since launch and already the ROM for Star Fox 2 has been extracted from the SNES Classic and dumped online.

Star Fox 2 was already one of the more anticipated games on the $80 system, mostly because of the 21 games featured in the SNES Classic Star Fox 2 was the only one never to have actually been released. Now, a quick scroll through Reddit will show people running the game on other devices such as laptops. One person flashed the ROM onto a blank SNES developer cartridge so that it runs on an original SNES console.

When Digital Foundry posted a teardown of the SNES Classic, they noted that the hardware is nearly identical to that found in the NES Classic. This opened up the console to the same, previously released hacking tools that worked on the NES Classic, albeit in a limited capacity.

Our own review of Star Fox 2 praised its freedom of control and dog-fights, though felt that it slogged a bit in places, most notably the ground-based portions.

Given that prior to the ROM leaking online, Star Fox 2 was only playable if you managed to snag a very hard to find SNES Classic, the leaked ROM should make the very rare game a little more available. Though not necessarily in any legally airtight way.

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  • Avatar for yuberus #1 yuberus 11 months ago
    I got the classic for Star Fox 2 and regret nothing! Would have cost more 21 years ago, I'm sure.
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  • Avatar for Ralek #2 Ralek 11 months ago
    I'll wait for the VC release. That might be another 20 years for all we know, but what ever, one is used to thinking in decades when it comes to Nintendo :-)

    I still think launching a VC service on the Switch would have been a decent way to make money for them, esp. if it launched with some highly demanded almost mythic games like Star Fox 2 and Mother 3. Not to mention the kind of positive publicity and good will those kind of releases would have created for the Switch as such.

    Maybe they are holding back until the Switch sales slow-down or they want to have something up their sleeve for one of the upcoming E3s ... I don't have an MBA, so I don't know anything ^^
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