Lickitung is in Detective Pikachu and the Internet Has Thoughts

The internet reacts to the latest Detective Pikachu Pokemon.

There's a new trailer for Detective Pikachu out today that includes a look at some new Pokemon rendered in Detective Pikachu's realistic style. Specifically, Lickitung, which looks like a chewed up piece of gum spitting out another chewed up piece of gum.

Likitung, the licking Pokemon, appears briefly in the new Detective Pikachu TV spot. But the short time he spends on screen is enough to make a lasting impression. I mean, look at it. Lickitung looks more like a live-action rendering of something from The Binding of Isaac than it does from Pokemon. The internet has reacted accordingly.

Some, who are already onboard with Detective Pikachu's realistic depiction of Pokemon, finds Likitung charming. And while I'm actually into how some of the Pokemon look in Detective Pikachu, Lickitung really brushes up against the edge of what I can swallow.

Detective Pikachu is a live-action adaptation based on the Detective Pikachu spinoff game for the Nintendo 3DS. Ryan Reynolds voices the eponymous Pikachu in a world where only his human companion (played by Justice Smith) can hear him.

Many wondered what a live-action Pokemon movie would look like. Then the first Detective Pikachu trailer debuted and people everywhere discovered that real-life Pokemon are either the best or worst things in the world.

Detective Pikachu is set to hit theaters on May 10, 2019.

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