Life is Feudal - How to Tame Wild Animals - Horses, Bulls, Rams

Life is Feudal - How to Tame Wild Animals - Horses, Bulls, Rams

Tame cows, bulls, horses, sheep and rams.

If you’ve managed to get to the point where you’re thinking about taming animals in Life is Feudal, you’re likely several hours in and have a basic understanding of the game. Still, taming animals is one of the most frustrating and random mechanics players will encounter, so even when you have a good plan, things will frequently go wrong.

This guide will show you how tip the odds in your favor, ensuring that more often than not, you get your hands on that animal that you think would benefit your settlement. These are fool proof methods, so you can still expect to fail from time to time, just a lot less than you’re used to.

Leveling Animal Lore

We left the dung a little longer than we should have, but cleaning it will level your Animal Lore.

Before you can go taming, you’re going to have to get your Animal Lore up to 60. The best way to do this is by creating and deploying Snare Traps. Over time, these traps will catch chickens and hares, which you can then put into a coop. If you are having a hard time catching hares or chickens, see if anyone else on your server will trade you a couple. Oh yeah, and you’ll need to build a coop to hold them. This requires you to have the Construction skill.

Once you have at least one chicken or hare, put it into the coop and fetch some apples from a nearby tree to feed them. You’ll likely want to drop about 100 in there so you can just forget about it for a while. When the chickens and hares have made themselves at home (chickens are best because you can harvest the eggs they produce), start checking the coop every few hours, cleaning out the dung and harvesting the eggs. As you do this, you’ll notice that you are increasing your Animal Lore skill, which needs to be 60 before you can think about taming the larger animals.

How to Tame Wild Horses

We’re going to assume you endured the grind and got your Animal Lore up to 60. If that’s the case, go out and find some very high quality apples. We’re talking 90 and above quality, and you’re going to want to bring about 100 of them, but possibly even more. To find high quality apples, approach a tree, right click on it, and choose Inspect Tree. This will give you the quality. If you want our advice, plant about 15-20 apple trees that are 90 quality or above. You’re going to need them when you actually have animals at your settlement.

There are three ways to tame wild horses, and we’ll start with the proper (most difficult) way to do things. This involves finding a horse in the wild, and waiting at a distance for it to bed down. You’ll actually see the horse lay down, at which point you can sprint to it with your cursor on the animal, hitting the tame button when you see it. This brings up a screen that lets you choose your apple and then confirm. You have now fed the horse one apple, and if it didn’t work, the chances are it will run away. If it did work, the horse will show in your inventory almost like a piece of paper. The horse is 100 stone, and you can only take 300 at most, so ensure you have the space before you embark on this journey.

After knocking you out, animals won't harm you when you wake up, allowing you to tame them.

The chances are that didn’t work, so we’ll go to our second method. This one requires two people, and for you to find a horse near the water, or to drive one to the water by chasing it around. If you just make your way around the coast, you’ll likely find a horse at some point. If not, possibly by the big lake in the middle.

When you get the horse close to the water, have you and your partner get on either side of it. The horse will try to run from each of you, but because it doesn’t have a safe route away (and isn’t smart enough to run inland), it will bounce between the two of you. As you each get closer, the horse will eventually just stop moving and sit still. Get only close enough to see the option to tame it, and start doing so. This could take one apple, and it could take 100. There is no way to tell, but higher quality apples and a higher skill level in Animal Lore will make this process easier.

The third, and by far the easiest way to tame a wild horse is by attacking it. We’d suggest using a bow, aiming for non-critical parts of the animal to lower the odds that you accidentally kill it. Hit it with several arrows (you can also use sling ammo if you can’t use a bow), and as the animal gets to very low health, it will turn and attack you (there is a small chance you kill it, which can’t be avoided). Allow the horse to attack you and even knock you unconscious. It will stand over your body, but will no longer try to harm you. As soon as you wake up, start taming the horse. More often than not it will not try to run from you, so you should be fine to tame and snag it.

Beyond horses, cows, bulls, sheep and rams all work the same way. They are smaller, so they might die if you hit them with too many arrows, but if you get it right, they’ll attack you and knock you out. When you wake up, tame them the same way that you would the horses.

How to Tame Sows and Boars

This is advanced level stuff right here. We built a pit to trap the animal in so you can tame it easier.

As mentioned, almost all animal taming follows the same formula that we outlined with the horses, with a few minor exceptions. When it comes to sows and boars, one is easy and the other is more difficult.

The sow is tough because it’s a non-aggressive animal that will run from you, so you have to shoot it until it gets to low health and attacks you (or wait for it to bed down). Because it’s smaller than a horse, the chances of it dying are greater, but there are more on the map so you can easily try again.

The boar is easy to tame. It’s an aggressive animal that will attack you. Move close and let it do so, and just like the horse, allow it to knock you out. When you wake up you should be free to tame the animal.

That’s pretty much how taming works in a nutshell. The arrow method is by far the most effective for players that don’t have a group of friends to work with. Just make sure you have the stable, barn and coop required to house them when you get back to your settlement.

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