Life is Feudal Hunting and Fishing - How to Kill a Bear

Life is Feudal Hunting and Fishing - How to Kill a Bear

Are you ready to kill a bear?

There are two kinds of hunting (and fishing) in Life is Feudal. There is the boring hunting where you get to set a snare trap and wait six days for a chicken to wander into it, and there is the kind of hunting where you go out and kill a bear, but don’t really get a lot of skill points for your efforts. Today, we’re going to help you with both, because who doesn’t want to kill a bear in a video game?

If you're going to kill a bear, you might as well mount its head on your wall as a trophy.

Since the fun kind of hunting (shooting things) is separate from the functional kind (setting snares), we’ll start with the latter, helping you get the skill ranked up. If you’re here for the fun stuff, however, stick around until the end of the article and we’ll explain how to kill even the most ferocious beast in the game.

How to Rank up Hunting and Fishing

There are some very specific actions to rank your Fishing/Hunting to the point where you can track animals and get alchemical ingredients, but none of them are a lot of fun. Some people will tell you that the best thing to do is create snare traps, set them, and then pick them up and set them again. The problem is you only get the skill points for creating the trap now, where you used to get points for setting it as well. This makes ranking up your skill very tedious.

What we did to get a good jump on things was create a fishing pole. This is done by picking up a branch from a tree, right clicking on it in your inventory and adding the necessary ingredients listed. Once you have a fishing pole, put it on your back and head to the water. If you then right click on the water you’ll see the option to fish. It will take time. The lower your skill the harder it is to catch fish. However, a solid 15 to 30 minutes of fishing should see your skill points going up, and you’ll be at level 60 in no time. This is where you can track large animals.

Once you get your Fishing/Hunting skill to 60, you should have no trouble making the jump up to 90. As mentioned, you can do this by fishing and setting snare traps, but you can also track large animals by looking at the ground, right clicking and looking under the relevant headline. Each time you do this you’ll raise your skill. You’ll also raise it by skinning animal carcasses. Since you’ll end up needling lots of animal hides, why not head out and kill a dozen animals, skinning them all to raise your skill?

How to Kill a Bear

When we started playing Life is Feudal we didn’t even know there were bears. We found one sitting on the side of a mountain and just stared at it for a while. We asked the chat if we could kill it, and were told that four players in plate armor had perished earlier that day trying to kill a single bear.

It was at that moment that we knew we had to kill a bear… solo.

When we finally did decide to give it a go, we had the perfect plan, although it took us longer than most players are willing to dedicate. A full two hours.

The process to kill a wolf is the same as a bear, but it should only take about 10 to 15 arrows.

Before you start out, you’re going to want a high quality simple bow, but you might actually want two of them. We had to go back to camp and make a new one because we ruined one in the process. You’re also going to want about 100 quality arrows, if not 150. Honestly, you might get by with a lot less, but you’ll want to make sure the quality of your gear is above 80 (90, if you can), and that your bowcraft skill is above 90. If you don’t, expect to take as much time as we did.

When you’re ready, grab your horse (you must have a horse for this) and go out to find a bear. You want to find one that is in the open a little bit. If it’s not, ride close to it so it chases you, then draw it out into the open. You want somewhere that you can clearly see the bear, and where you can quickly jump on your horse and ride away without getting stuck on uneven terrain. Starting this fight in the morning will give you lots of daylight to ensure you aren’t battling in the dark.

With the bear in sight, hop off your horse and press R to get into combat. Your bow will need to be equipped on your body, as will your arrows. These should be bound to the number 3 and 4 keys on your keyboard, but which number of the two you use will differ based on where you put them. When ready, hit the bear with an arrow. This will cause it to charge you. Quickly press R to exit combat, look at your horse and press your left mouse button to get on it, quickly riding a way. You can ride in circles, as they bear will not be able to keep up with you. Just ride for about 10 to 15 seconds, until the bear stops the chase and stands still again. Step off your horse, shoot it with an arrow, and repeat the rest of the process.

Again, this took us two hours to do, but our bowcraft skill wasn’t as high as it is today, and we weren’t using the highest quality simple bow or arrows. The higher the quality (and your skill) the more damage you should do. You also want to be sure that you are hitting the bear in critical areas. Aim for the head if you can hit it, but try to get body shots at the very least. When it was all done, we estimate that we hit the bear with approximately 100 arrows, but it could have been 70. Honestly, who can count when you’re two hours into the fight?

When the bear finally does fall, ensure that you rank up your art skill, as you will absolutely want to mount the bear’s head on your wall. There is no way that any player should go through killing a bear unless they plan to keep the trophy, and chow down on bear meat for a few days.

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