Life is Feudal Tips - Build a Monument

Life is Feudal Tips - Build a Monument

Create tools and build your monument.

Life is Feudal is very time consuming game. The learning curve is huge, and almost every player wishes they could go back to the first few hours and right some wrongs. A few tweaks here and there, and you might be in a completely different place than you are right now.

Today, we’re going to cover some of the tips that nobody gave us. We’ll talk about some simple things that you can do to ensure that your settlement, and overall experience, is a good one. Even if you’re 100 hours in (like us), it’s never too late to start practicing good habits in Life is Feudal.

Happy Little Trees

The quality of trees around your settlement is going to be a huge factor in how easy life is going forward. If you have thousands of trees, but most are quality 10 and under, you’ll struggle to find the materials you need to build on a large scale. What we suggest, is that that you take an hour in your early game and go wandering through the forest. Stop at every tree you see, right clicking and inspecting it to see what the quality is. If you find any tree that is over an 80 (especially oak or apple tress), right click on it again and grab yourself a sprout. You can now plant this sprout to grow a tree of similar quality. Be sure not to stack similar tree types in your inventory (quality 80 oak with quality 95 oak), as they will average the quality out.

As a general rule, every time you cut one tree down, plant two more. It will take each tree several real days to grow to full size, and you’ll quickly find that you’re running out. If you make a habit of always replacing a quality tree that you cut down with two more, you’ll always have a great selection to choose from.

Make Quality Tools

You’ll quickly realize that everything in Life is Feudal is about creating quality by using quality ingredients. This extends to tools, which you’ll use almost every minute of in-game time you have. Tools are simple enough to make, often only requiring that you have a branch, piece of flint stone and some wild plant fiber. However, quality ingredients are more difficult to find.

To get the branches, inspect trees until you find a good one, and then snap off about 10 branches. Flint stone can be found by looking near any mountain. Right click on the rock and look for the option. The same can be done to find wild plant fiber, but you’ll need to look at a spot of grass for that. Once you have all three components, right click on the branch in your inventory and you’ll have the option to start making tools. You can even make a fishing pole from this list of options, which is likely the easiest way for you to start finding food (low quality food) in the early game.

Terraform Like a Boss

If you want horses in your training yard, put them in your inventory and release them there.

The spot for your settlement will ideally be close to water, whether it’s the big lake near the mountain, or along the coast. Of course, you also have to ensure that you have some flat land, which is something that you can control at least a little bit.

Finding relatively flat land is key because it saves you on the terraforming, and you’re going to have to make sure that each structure you build is on flat land. If you don’t want to be making hills and paths that go up and down through your land, you best ensure that you can level out the whole thing.

When you think you’ve spotted an ideal plot of land, right click on the ground and choose the Observe option under Terraforming. This will give you a read out of what level each piece of land is at. From there, use your shovel to make all of the tiles of equal height, and then use the Flatten Ground option to make those very same tiles fit for building. Depending on how big or small you plan to make this settlement, you are in for several hours of terraforming. In the long run, that’s nothing.

Building a Monument

If you set a home, praying will bring you back to that location no matter where you are on the map.

Dealing with a monument could be a guide of its own, but we at least wanted to help you get started with building your first one. It’s going to take you several hours, unless of course you happen to know players that are willing to gift you the materials that you need.

Start by finding the spot where you want to erect your monument and right clicking on the ground there. You should have an option to place it, and once you do you can start adding materials to it to completely finish building it. Those materials are as follows.

  • 20 x Hardwood Billets
  • 100 x Bones
  • 5 x Shaped Rock
  • 40 x Prepared Herbs

The 20 hardwood billets will be easy, as you can snag these from a single high quality oak tree by using the method we outlined in our first tip. You’ll just need a saw to cut them, which you can create using our second tip.

The 100 bones might be more difficult, as you’ll have to kill an animal to do this. If you can’t use a bow yet, you’ll be stuck with a sling and sling ammo. You can get sling ammo by looking at a rock, right clicking and choosing the appropriate option. Once you have that, find a deer by moving along the coast. You’ll likely need two or three slings and 100+ ammo, but that should get the job done for you. Just keep hitting it until it dies, and then use a knife to cut it up and snag the bones.

Shaped rocks are created by using a pick axe. With regular rocks and pick axe in your inventory, right click on the pick axe and there will be an option to shape. You will need 100 rocks to create five shaped rocks.

The worst part of your first monument will be the 40 prepared herbs. For this we advise that you open your video settings and turn the grass all the way down. Not doing this will make the herbs insanely hard to spot. Once the grass is off, right click on the ground and choose Nature’s Lore, and then Search for Herbs. You’ll see them pop up on the now bare looking ground. When they do, ensure you have a sickle equipped, approach the herbs, and collect them. Do this until you have about 100 (if not more) herbs in your inventory. Seriously, you need that many.

Your next step is to create a mortar and pestle. This is once again done with the pick axe and shape option that you get when your right click on it. Once you have the mortar and pestle, you can right click on that device and start crafting prepared herbs. When you have 40, you can add them to your monument (along with the other components) and complete it.

Say Your Prayers

If we’re being honest, you’ll never run out of useful information that a person could give you while playing Life is Feudal, but this tips guide has to end eventually. Our last one is more about saving time than it is about actual prayer. You see, when you pray, you can be returned to your home, assuming that you own one and you’ve set it as such.

Let’s say you’ve gotten through the first few hours of game play and your monument is built. You’ve made some progress and built yourself a small shack. From here, set that as your home by right clicking on it, and whenever you pray, you will be returned to that spot. No matter how far you wander across the map, praying will always bring you home, which is a huge time saver if you’re overburdened and don’t have a horse to ride.

If you’d like to move on and start making this little plot of land more like a sustainable home, try our guide for How to Tame Animals in Life is Feudal.

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