Life Is Strange Is Getting a Stranger Sequel

No word yet though on if Max will still be the star, or someone new.

The sequel to the adventure game Life Is Strange is officially on the way, according to a succinct video from developers Dontnod Entertainment. Details of the new sequel to the episodic game beyond it entering production are scarce. Questions still follow it, such as will the anticipated sequel still follow Max? Or will players be experiencing a brand new story with new characters? Possibly come E3 time in a few weeks, we’ll know the answer.

In the extremely brief video, Dontnod reveal that Life Is Strange 2 has been in development since the physical version of the game with the completed season shipped in early 2016. Life is Strange ignited a massive fan following, in spite of its dialogue blunders. The original game has sold three million copies to date.

Last year, Legendary Digital Studios and publisher Square Enix announced that the time-bending teen drama will be adapted into a live-action series. Dontnod Entertainment is also developing, Vampyr, a vampire simulator that looks tonally and mechanically the opposite of Life is Strange in almost every possible way. Previously, Dontnod developed the game Remember Me, which was met with mixed reviews.

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Life is Strange and the Changing Face of Adventure Games

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