Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Luxurion Quests and How to Beat Noel

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide: Luxurion Quests and How to Beat Noel

Want to get the Shadow Hunter Weapon? This comprehensive walkthrough has all the information you need to beat Noel.

Need help with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? You've come to the right place. USgamer has a fully comprehensive walkthrough of the game, conveniently split into multiple parts. Here's where you can find the rest of the walkthrough, including details about each area's main quests and strategies on defeating the bosses there, step-by-step guides to each areas's side quests, plus a full guide to the epic Canvas of Prayers quest line.

Now on with this part of the guide.

Once you've watched the opening cinematic, your first order of business is the schemata tutorial. Take the tutorial to learn how to play, or skip it if you already know the ropes. The tutorial teaches you about the ATB and schemata battle systems, then takes you through camera controls and the guard ability. Clear out the three enemies in the ballroom to begin your first main quest: A Different Snow.


Head to the northwest corner of the ballroom to find an exit. Continue up the stairs to interact with the Black Market Dealer, which is basically a general store. This begins the recovery items tutorial. You can view the tutorial or skip it if you already know your way around the stores in Lightning Returns. The tutorial teaches you how to purchase items, and covers the limitations of the inventory system.

Complete or skip the tutorial, then continue up the stairs. Head left at the top of the stairs to follow Snow. At the end of the hall are several more enemies. Engage them to begin the switching targets tutorial.

After the next enemy, jump on top of the obstacle ahead and then travel down the hallway to the right. Continue to chase Snow, climbing up the ladders in the next room. When you reach the dead end, examine the middle pillar on the right to open the gate ahead.

At the end of the path you encounter Lumina, which leads into the staggering tutorial and the battle against Zaltys. Attack with Thunder and Blizzard until Zaltys is staggered, then shift into Overclock mode to inflict big damage. Repeat this process until you have bested Zaltys.

After another cinematic, speak to Hope. Examine the cube to the right to obtain the Mist Wizard garb. Circle around the room to collect all of the cubes and obtain Blizzard level 1, Light Guard level 1, the Prytwen shield and the Devil's Daughter weapon. Collecting all of the cubes initiates the equipment and abilities tutorial.

Speak with Hope again, then examine the shelf on the Ark to receive information about the Book of Conquests. This allows you to battle fallen monsters and increase your battle scores. Battle Zaltys again to begin the EP abilities tutorial. After the tutorial, the warp machine is unlocked and you can continue with the story.

Use the warp device to head back to the surface. After another cinematic, you receive the Whither Faith side quest. Complete the quest to gain access the general store in the station, the outfitter and adventuring essentials just outside, or speak with Chocolina at the message board to unlock the Canvas of Prayers and obtain more quests.

Speaking with the adventuring essentials gentleman initiates the Libra system tutorial. Do all of your shopping, then complete the Where Are You, Holmes? side quest.

With the side quest complete, head back toward the square, but stop just before you enter and hide in the shadows. Follow the people dressed in white, but make sure they do not see you. When you see the red boxes just ahead, hide behind them to initiate a cut scene.

After the cut scene, several shiny objects can be found on the ground, including a Silvered Medal and two Bronzed Medals. You can't do much to progress the main story until after 6 AM. In the meantime, partake in side quests and the Canvas of Prayers quest log, or head out of the open gate on the east side of town to take on some monsters.

Just outside the gate, you can interact with an object to obtain Thundara Level 2. When the clock hits 6 AM, you're transported back to the Ark. Interact with the cube to obtain the Red Mage garb, Liberator weapon and Juno Sospita shield. You must speak with Hope and select the red Main Quest and Side Quest options in order to gain access to the surface again.

When you head back to the surface, go to the Back Alleys located due south of The Residences text on the map. On the wall just under the stairs is the first number, which is a 2. Speak with the Informative Man nearby to learn of the next number. Head to the South Station and look due west of the Canvas of Prayers to find the next number, 8.

As you attempt to leave, a Strange Man approaches you and offers the Centrum code number for a price of 500 gil. The number can be found between the Centrum and The Residences on the map. On the map, if you look due south of the restaurants in the Centrum, there's a dead end that sticks out and looks almost like a hook. This is where the next number is found, 5.

The final code number is located in The Warren section of the map, which is blocked off until 12 AM. If you have spare time, you can continue doing side quests, or head to one of the other cities. As long as you're back in Luxerion and input the code by 6 AM, you won't miss anything.

After 12 AM, head to The Warren using the route from the North Station. After twisting and turning, head straight when given the option to turn left or continue straight. Head past the General Store, then take a left around the corner to find the final number, 0.

Once you have all four numbers, head to the marked location on the map near the Forsaken Graveyard and examine the phone booth. The code is displayed for you. Simply enter it in the order displayed to trigger another cut scene.

Head through the gate and continue toward the new marker on your map to the west. As you make your way to the new location you will find item spheres containing a Stormbane Choker and Zirconia Brooch. When you reach the location, a cut scene begins. After the cut scene, examine the glowing spot on the ground to obtain the Crest of Etro.

After midnight, head to the location marked on your map near the Warren. Present the Crest of Etro to the Goddess's Disciple at the entrance to the Warren, then walk through the gate to trigger another cut scene. Your next objective is to head to the location marker in the Den of Shadows. When you arrive, a cut scene is triggered, followed by the battle against Noel.

Boss Battle: How to Beat Noel

Reward: 10,000 gil, Maximum EP +1, Maximum HP +240, Maximum ATB +10, Strength +84, Magic +70

The battle against Noel isn't all that difficult as long as you come prepared and Perfect Guard his attacks. He is weak to lightning, so equip any Thunder-based spells or attacks. He also uses Wind-based attacks against you, so if you have any spells, abilities or gear that adds Wind defense, equip them as needed.

The first half of the fight is fairly straightforward. Perfect Guard Noel's attacks to build up the Stagger gauge, and inflict damage as quickly as possible. When he uses ATB Charge, be prepared for a barrage of attacks that must be individually Perfect Guarded. It's a little more difficult, but it also builds the Stagger gauge much faster. Once he reaches 50 percent health, his attacks become more powerful, but the same strategies apply.

Defeating Noel completes the Luxerion main quest line and unlocks the ability to start The Saint's Stone side quest. Inspect the red glowing spot on the ground just ahead to obtain the Shadow Hunter weapon.

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