Listen to the Metal Gear and Etrian Odyssey Composers Rearrange a Dark Souls Theme Into Jazz

Listen to the Metal Gear and Etrian Odyssey Composers Rearrange a Dark Souls Theme Into Jazz

Exclusive first clip of GENTLE LOVE's new video game album.

For several years now, Japanese music duo GENTLE LOVE (comprised of Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino and Etrian Odyssey's AYAKI) worked with Scarlet Moon Records to produce jazz or lullaby arrangements of famous video game musical tracks. This year, they return with the same idea but with a new twist: arranging video game fight themes into lullabies. Today, we have the first exclusive look GENTLE LOVE's take on the Ornstein & Smough theme from the first Dark Souls.

"I've been wanting to create a volume dedicated to battle music for quite some time, " writes Scarlet Moon Records' Jayson Napolitano. According to Napolitano, the challenge to turn battle themes into soothing lullabies felt like an appropriate theme for October.

Considering that the Ornstein & Smough theme from Dark Souls is a harsh cacophony of orchestra and chorus (which is fitting for one of the most difficult and frustrating boss fights in all of Dark Souls) it's a welcome relief to listen to it in a new context. Motoi Sakuraba's original Dark Souls OST might be somber, but it was also incredibly stressful. GENTLE LOVE thankfully removes the stress part.

Check out the exclusive clip below.

You can pre-order the album at this Bandcamp link where Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams comes out on October 10.

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