Little Friends Dogs and Cats Walks - Treasure, Statues, Misbehaviour

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Walks - Treasure, Statues, Misbehaviour

Taking your Dog out for a walk in Little Friends Dogs and Cats is one of the easiest ways to level them up. Here’s how treasure, marking, and Misbehaviour works.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats is a little more focused on the dog side of things than you might expect. There are more activities to take on with your pooch, and therefore more opportunities to bond. One of the best activities to level up your dog is walking, and there’s more to it than just leading them around the park. In this Little Friends Dogs and Cats Walking Guide, we’ll take a look at how to take your dog out for a walk, how to find treasure, and why you should be marking. There’s also the issue of Misbehaviour to deal with, and a way to make the most out of Dashing. Let’s take a look.

How to Walk Your Dog in Little Friends Dogs and Cats

You’ll need to reach level 3 before you take your dog out on its first walk in Little Friends Dogs and Cats. You’ll want to reach this as soon as possible, as it will quickly become your go-to method of levelling them up. Once you’ve hit level 3, head to the ‘Going Out’ section in the main menu. You can then go on a walk, though make sure your dog is fed and watered before heading out.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Walking Controls

There are a couple of different control schemes to consider when walking your dog in Little Friends Dogs and Cats. We’ve listed some key info below:

  • Docked - while docked, you’ll need to use the motion controls on the right Joy-Con to steer your dog. Hold A to dash, press Y to call, and press X to take a rest.
  • Handheld - over on the handheld side of things, you’ll need to guide your dog with the left stick. Hold A to dash, Y to call and X to take a break.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Balloon Treasures

While out walking, you’ll notice areas marked with balloons. This indicates treasure, so lead your dog to the spot and they will start to dig automatically. Treasure will be in the form of coins, and your dog will gain some Hearts for digging. This is one of the easiest ways to make money in the game, so keep an eye out.

Dash Through Grass to Refill Dash Meter in Little Friends Dogs and Cats

You’ll want to be Dashing almost constantly in Little Friends Dogs and Cats. You can actually use the environment to your advantage here, as running over patches of green grass will refill the Dash meter. You can use this to continually sprint, meaning you’ll finish the walk faster.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Statues

Another thing to keep an eye out for while out walking is pet statues. Your dog will rest at them if you direct them to the small stone hearts at the base of each statue. Doing so will get you some Hearts, and occasionally Tickets too.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Marking

Marking is essentially allowing your dog to mark its territory on posts while walking. These posts are shown in the image above and will have a black paw print on them. Simply lead your dog to these posts and they will automatically mark them. You’ll gain hearts for doing so.

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Misbehaviour

From time to time, you’ll see a red pop-up onscreen that says ‘Misbehaviour’. This indicates that your dog is pulling away from and resisting the direction of its lead. Simply call the dog when this happens. Certain personality types will be more likely to misbehave, though as you grow your bond it will happen less frequently.

Can You Walk Your Cat in Little Friends Dogs and Cats?

Finally, let’s take a look at whether or not you can walk your cats in Little Friends Dogs and Cats. Unfortunately, you can only take your dog on walks, which is unsurprising as cats often do not like being walked in this way. You’ll need to rely on other methods to bond with your cat, like using the Cat Wand.

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