Little Hope, the Next Dark Pictures Game, Delayed to Fall 2020

Little Hope, the Next Dark Pictures Game, Delayed to Fall 2020

Supermassive's next game is taking a little extra time due to real-world circumstances.

The next entry in the Dark Pictures horror series was originally set for this summer. But the summertime scarefest will have to wait, as Little Hope is now aiming for a Fall 2020 launch.

Part of the Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of horror games from Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games, Little Hope is set to be the second entry following last year's Man of Medan. They are a series of loosely connected spooky vignettes, in the style of classic anthologies like Creep Show.

Little Hope centers on the titular town, seemingly jumping between a settler-era story surrounding some highly suspect witch trials and modern day, where those terrible actions have wrought terrible consequences for a band of unsuspecting pals. It also looks wonderfully terrifying.

While Little Hope would've made for a killer summer blockbuster, the realities of the COVID-19 outbreak have caused complications for the production of the game. Supermassive Games has shifted to a work-from-home setup, but in a press release, Supermassive CEO Pete Samuels says the priority is the safety of his team.

"Our priority has been to keep people safe, and that includes actors and stage crews on whose talents we depend so heavily, other workforces external to our business who all help to create the games we make, and all the talented people that work within our studio," said Samuels. "We will continue to follow government and industry body advice and will only embark on any element of development when such advice tells that it is safe to do so."

There's still plenty be done in the Dark Pictures universe, as Supermassive told USgamer last July that it was already working on the fifth entry. Despite the delays, there are still plenty of scares on the way.

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