Little Witch Academia Game Casts a Spell on Japan in November

A localization of the Trigger anime adaptation has yet to be confirmed.

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As the anime draws to a close, Little Witch Academia marches onto a new medium. This year you'll be able to fiddle with an interactive adaptation of animation studio Trigger's beloved anime series Little Witch Academia. Lighten your hopes and dreams though, so far the game's only confirmed for Japan. As translated by Gematsu, the game will be released on November 30 on PlayStation 4 by Bandai Namco in Japan.

The Little Witch Academia game, Little Witch Academia: The Magic of Time and the Seven Wonders, looks as close to an interactive anime as one can get—similar to the glorious Ni No Kuni, or even what we've seen so far of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The Little Witch Academia game is a side-scrolling action game, where players take control of hero Akko exploring the magical academy, uncovering the game's original tale, and battling foes alongside her friends Sucy and Lotte.

The endearing animation of Little Witch Academia got its start alongside Trigger: released as one of its debut animations. Years and a Kickstarter campaign later, a second animated short was produced (hot off the large success of Trigger's own full-length animated series, Kill La Kill). This year Trigger took the property to the small screen entirely with an entire animated series, which was first teased at the end of their animated short series Space Patrol Luluco.

Little Witch Academia: The Magic of Time and the Seven Wonders will be out in Japan on PS4 on November 30. Meanwhile, we are quietly wishing for a western release.

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  • Avatar for NotCarolKaye #1 NotCarolKaye A year ago
    So ... very ... cute.

    I really hope we get it.
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  • Avatar for nimzy #2 nimzy A year ago
    For everyone scratching their heads, this is a cartoon that just finished airing its first complete season in Japan. Officially we don't get to see it in the West until it appears on Netflix on June 30th.

    It caused quite a stir as one of the best-animated cartoons in years. I'd recommend it just for the homages to Western animation alone.
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  • Avatar for internisus #3 internisus A year ago
    The gameplay we can glimpse in that video reminds me of Vanillaware. Hope it turns out well!
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