New Chinese PUBG Trailer Actually Makes a Good Case for a Live-Action Movie

Okay PUBG. You might be onto something here.

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In January 2018 it was reported that PUBG Corp. CEO C.H. Kim fielded talks with developers for Hollywood and Netflix who were interested in a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds television or movie spinoff. Now a new trailer for PUBG from its Chinese publisher Tencent gives us a look at what a potential live-action series could look like, and it's actually pretty awesome.

The live action Tencent trailer actually builds off the live-action trailer which premiered at the 2017 Game Awards, but takes the action to the next level. Whereas the Game Awards trailer only shows actors in the plane right before they jump off onto the island, the Tencent trailer actually shows off some combat, some driving, and pretty much everything else that makes PUBG what it is.

Here's a version of the trailer reposted on YouTube.

In the trailer you can see actors wearing some of the rare PUBG outfits like the Battle Royale-inspired school uniforms, as they make their way through various recreations of the Island Map. The highlight for me personally was watching an actor in the classic PUBG welder mask attire try and outrun a bombing run.

While I was skeptical of what a PUBG live-action series could look like, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be interested in seeing this trailer expanded into a longer series. I've heard complaints online that a PUBG series is redundant since the game itself is based in parts on the Japanese novel Battle Royale. I do however think PUBG's personality is way more fun and wild than the dystopian source novel, and that could lend PUBG to a very different kind adaptation, closer to what we see in this trailer.

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