Lockpicking Mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Soothes Angry Players

Twitter is still afire with the fury of failed thieves, though.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance's commitment to giving players a "realistic" medieval interpretation of 15th century Bohemia succeeds in some ways, but backfires in others. One of the key gameplay systems in Kingdom Come is lockpicking, and it seems the development team has perhaps gone a little overboard in reflecting real life difficulty. For many, lockpicking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is just too hard!

Lockpicking is obviously very tricky in real life, and Deliverance aims to reflect a real medieval experience whenever possible. But whereas you really shouldn't go around picking at doors on this plane of existence, it's essential to progress in Deliverance. This is giving players a bit of a headache.

"This was so much easier in Skyrim."

Deliverance players are using Twitter to howl and shake their fists at the sky. The message is clear, and Warhorse Studios promises a patch is coming. In the meantime, the serfs continue to suffer. Psst, we have a lockpicking guide for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We have a bunch of guides, actually. Combat, alchemy, horses, weapons, armor—name it, and we have it covered.

Incidentally, Warhorse posted a video tutorial when people first began complaining (as seen below). This was intended to help players master the lockpicking in the game, but it doesn't seem to have done the trick.

But players are still having trouble. Just take a look at the players airing their concerns on Twitter. Lockpicking is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed soon.

Are you having trouble with lockpicking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Are you playing on a PC? Mods to the rescue. Here's a mod that makes lockpicking much easier. Perform as many break-and-enters as your little peasant heart desires.

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  • Avatar for Frosty840 #1 Frosty840 8 months ago
    Well, I don't have KC:D yet and I haven't seen the lockpicking, but I hope they leave the "complicated" lockpicking in as a non-default option.
    Lockpicking in many games is trivial to the point of being a boring time-waste. Something that's actually challenging might be a nice change of pace, so long as it's not outright broken.
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  • Avatar for MasterEMFG #2 MasterEMFG 8 months ago
    @Frosty840 Most games make everything way too easy... I've been frustrated by the lock picking and don't know how or if it gets any easier, but I've managed to pick a few locks and damn it's rewarding. I hope they don't make it too easy. This game is a gem minus the initial bugs. Easy 8... 9 or better if and when they fix the rough patches.

    It's refreshing to get a game that doesn't make everything easy or mark up the map with obvious objectives. Tired of games including so much senseless objectives and hand holding. This is the first game in a while I've wanted to go home and play every day.
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