Logitech G Adds RGB Lighting Its New Speakers and Upgrades Its Aluminum Keyboard

Logitech G Adds RGB Lighting Its New Speakers and Upgrades Its Aluminum Keyboard

Two new products expand Logitech's RGB-powered PC hardware slate.

Logitech G announced today two new products for enthusiast gamers. One device improves on an existing product, while the other adds some new hardware to the family.

Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The first device is the G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which is an upgrade over the existing G413 keyboard. The G413 offered a set of Logitech's Romer-G switches set in an anodized and brushed aluminum top case, meaning you had a hefty build quality that outstripped most other gaming keyboards. My big problem with the G413 was a missing feature: to hit the under-$100 price point, Logitech had to go with uniform red LED lighting, instead of the RGB lighting in some of their better models.

The G513 is mostly the same keyboard, but gives players RGB lighting, the aluminum build, a USB passthrough port, and a comfy, redesigned palm rest. The keyboard includes Logitech Lightsync technology, which syncs the keyboard's lighting with specific facets and mechanics in your favorite games.

For the first time, Logitech is also offering multiple switch choices. The current Romer-G switches are now called Romer-G Tactile, while Logitech is introducing a new switch called the Romer-G Linear. The latter switch will work like the Cherry MX Reds, with a smooth keystroke and no tactile feedback. There's no price difference between either switch choice.

Speaking of price, the Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be available in April 2018 for $149.99

The Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers.

The all-new hardware offering is Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker. This isn't the first set of speaker Logitech G has released, as the company has Z623 and Z906 Surround Sound systems on the market. This is the first speaker system built with ease-of-use and gaming in mind. As such, the G560 is a 2.1 speaker setup instead of a 5.1 surround setup; the number of cables means most gamers avoid full surround setups.

The G560 comes with two speakers with 120 Watts RMS of power and a down-firing subwoofer unit. The hardware uses DTS:X Ultra for digital surround sound. The interesting addition that differentiates the G560 from its other Logitech counterparts is the RGB lighting. Yeah, RGB lighting in the speakers.

Each of the primary speakers can be personalized in the Logitech software or tied in with Logitech's Lightsync technology. There are also additional lighting modes just for the speakers. The Audio Visualizer pulses to your music automatically, while the Screen Sampling mode sees the speakers choose their lighting from specific, user-set sections of your screen. (See the header image above.) You can set them to match a life bar, or extend the edges of your videos and streams with matching colors.

The Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker is also coming on April 2018, with a standard retail price of $199.99.

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