Lords of the Fallen Beginner's Guide: Combat Strategies, Survival Tips, and Making the Most of Your Equipment

Lords of the Fallen Beginner's Guide: Combat Strategies, Survival Tips, and Making the Most of Your Equipment

Struggling with this Souls-like? Learn how to survive against the Rhogar hordes with some help from your friends at USgamer.

Seeing as Lords of the Fallen takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Souls, reaching the end is no walk in the park.

To help you on your journey through this harrowing action-RPG, we've assembled some basic strategies to make Lords of the Fallen's challenges a little less... challenging. Follow the hints below, and you'll find success will come much easier to your bald and rude face-tattooed medieval dude.

How to Create a Character in Lords of the Fallen

Though the options aren't nearly as extensive as what you'll find in Souls, creating a character in LotF can still be pretty intimidating. If you're new to this sort of game, the Warrior comes strongly recommended, as he's equipped with a good set of gear for melee combat—which is something LotF really emphasizes. If you'd like to rely more on magic for support, the Cleric is a good choice, while the Rogue emphasizes speed and agility. Whatever you choose, don't get too hung up on it—these chosen roles only determine your initial equipment and tweak starting attributes slightly. If you start as, say, a Rogue, and quickly find out that you prefer combat with heavier weapons (or need heavier armor to survive), it'll only take a few level-ups to boost your strength enough to use them effectively.

As for Magic Type Selection, it may be hard to decide, seeing as you won't be able to experiment with these spells before you use them. Magic is largely supplemental in LotF, so pick the set of abilities that will make up for your character's weaknesses, or bolster his strengths. Though all sets of magic come with the Prayer spell, which creates an enemy-distracting clone, the other offerings differ pretty substantially. Each of the three types of magic are engineered towards a certain character build (as are the equipment types), so decide on what kind of play style you prefer. If you're new to this type of experience, the Brawler set of magic offers mostly offensive boosts, which can help you brute force your way through some encounters. Though if you'd rather focus on defense, the Solace type features some great ways to strengthen your turtle tactics. The Deception type takes a little more expertise to use, so you might not want to start out with it if you're just learning the ropes of LotF. And remember, it's entirely possible—but not recommended—to ignore magic entirely, if you'd rather sink your attribute points into a category that will serve your play style better.

How to Level Up in Lords of the Fallen

First of all, you'll only be able to spend your experience at those glowing, red crystals scattered throughout the world, which also serve as checkpoints and refill your potions. When you select "Character Development" instead of "Use"—the button you'll press differs based on platform—you'll be given the choice to dump your current experience into either Attribute Points or Spell Points. Buying an Attribute Point allows you to increase one of your six attributes, while buying a Spell Point allows you to increase the level of one of the four spells available to you—but keep in mind leveling up these spells requires a certain amount of faith, which is detailed in the description of each one.

So, which attributes should you focus on? Well, it all depends on your play style—though your equipment choice should also factor into this decision. Strength raises the amount of damage you do, and also your maximum equipment burden—having more of the latter allows you to move and evade more effectively with heavier armor. (And, keep in mind each weapon and shield comes with its own strength requirement.) Vitality raises your hit points and makes health potions more effective. Faith boost magic damage, and increasing it will also allow you to level up your spells. Endurance raises your amount of energy (more on this later), and significantly raises your maximum equipment burden. Agility boosts the damage of fast weapons, and also gives you a slight increase in energy. And, finally, increasing luck gives you a better chance of receiving good items from slain enemies.

You may be tempted to level up attributes evenly, but in Lords of the Fallen, a jack of all trades is a master of none. If you're focusing on offense (for example), concentrating on strength, vitality, and endurance will serve you well. But you should always evaluate your current weaknesses to see if you can make up for them in some way. If you find yourself running out of HP too fast, double-down on vitality, or go for endurance if you want to wear stronger armor without it slowing you down. If running out of energy is an issue, focus on endurance, or agility if you happen to be using fast weapons. Whatever the case, you'll have plenty of chances to level up, so don't worry too much about the possibility of putting a single attribute point in a less-than-ideal category.

Gaming the Experience System

Just like in Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen allows you to retrieve your lost experience when you die... Except this time around, you only have a limited amount of time before it dwindles away to nothing. But you can do a few things to prevent losing your experience altogether. Whenever you reach a glowing red crystal, dump all of your experience into gaining a spell point or an attribute point, even if you don't have enough to meet the requirement at the moment. Banking your experience like this keeps it safe—even if you die, you'll still have invested it in something. And, if you're on the brink of death with no potions and several enemies on your tail, try to die as close to a crystal as you can. That way, you can easily nab your experience points immediately after respawning. Keep in mind, though, that these crystals deactivate when enemies approach, so you can't use them in the middle of battle to turn the tables.

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