Lousy-stargazing-date-with-Mr-Wrong Simulator Polaris Coming August 2013

Polaris is here to remind us that not even the stars can make sucky dates better (and that first-person games need not have guns.)

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First-person games are often seen as synonymous with artillery barrages and closeups of soon-to-be-dead people. But, do they have to be? Robert Yang's Polaris says no. Originally a Half-Life 2 mod, the standalone version of Polaris wants you to go head-to-head against something more terrifying than civil wars: a crappy date.

(Warning: A man's posterior is briefly displayed in the trailer.)

Polaris .. Polaris is neat. Polaris was one of the first few mods out there to present the notion that first-person games can be human, that they can be made to address things like bad boyfriends and uncertain futures. The game itself operates on a simple idea. You're on a date, a cheap and crappy date. Your man of the hour is more preoccupied with the stars than he is with you. Most of Polaris consists of you desperately attempting to identify a constellation he has pointed out. Eventually, the debacle ends and, well, you can find out what happens next by downloading the original mod.

Alternatively, you could wait another month or so for Robert Yang to finish the standalone version of Polaris. It's supposed to be a 'slightly longer standalone game with completely re-done graphics, interactions, voice acting, narrative, a bit of full-frontal male nudity, and neck-strain-tastic Oculus Rift VR support.' I'm okay with that. What about you?

Here's the official website for those interested in repeatedly hitting F5 till it launches.

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  • Avatar for internisus #1 internisus 4 years ago
    I'm still (still!) waiting for Radiator 1-3, but I'm happy to take this as well!

    By the way, Robert Yang also runs a frequently fascinating blog about game design here:
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