Lucasfilm Shuts Down KOTOR Unreal Engine 4 Conversion Mod

Lucasfilm Shuts Down KOTOR Unreal Engine 4 Conversion Mod

May the force be with you.

Since 2015 Poem Studios has been hard at work remastering the 2003 Star Wars RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic giving the game new graphics using Unreal Engine 4 and even new content and planets in what the studio called Apeiron. That is until Lucasfilm had something shut the project down today.

Poem Studios posted a cease and desist letter it received today from Lucasfilm in regards to the Apeiron project. Lucasfilm says that Aperion has no rights to use any of the licensed Star Wars materials and must "take immediate steps to remove all uses of Lucasfilm's intellectual property, including, but not limited to, STAR WARS copyrights, trademarks, characters, artwork, images, and logos and desist from any further use."

The letter, which considers "Poem Studios' affection and enthusiasm for the Star Wars franchise and the original KOTOR game," says Poem Studios has until October 15 to confirm all such removal of Lucasfilm intellectual property and a written confirmation that it will not use any IP in the development of any future games.

In a tweet Poem Studios wrote, "I've exhausted my options to keep [Apeiron] afloat; we knew this day was a possibility. I'm sorry and may the force be with you."

The Aperion conversion mod was meant to breath new life into KOTOR, rendering the game in Unreal Engine 4 while adding new original content. Unfortunately, Apeiron will go the way of many fan projects and shut down. Another blow to fan-created content and the latest enforcement of companies on IP.

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