Luigi’s Mansion 10F Tomb Suites Puzzle Solutions

Luigi’s Mansion 10F Tomb Suites Puzzle Solutions

Here’s how to clear the three puzzle rooms in the Pyramid level of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The 10th Floor in Luigi’s Mansion is Tomb Suites, essentially a pyramid level. It has a series of puzzle rooms at its core, and they can be pretty tricky to get through without a bit of help. That’s why we’ve put together a walkthrough for the Pyramid Puzzle Rooms, which you can read on to check out.

10F Pyramid Puzzle Rooms

Upon entering the Pyramid, you will have access to three puzzle rooms. Head to the one on the right first.

Snake Chamber Puzzle: Laser Statue Room

Here’s a room with a statue in the corner. Blow sand to create a ramp up to it and then trigger it by slamming down. This will create more statues. You will have a limited time to build ramps to each one, and slam them using the jump. The roof will collapse if the chains overhead are severed. A ghost will spawn, ignore them and focus on clearing the room of statues. Once done, interact with the first statue to complete. Clear all of statues to proceed.

Scale Chamber Puzzle

You need to place two gold statues and a pot from the room, onto the scale, then flash the switch. Now, take a gold statue off and flash again. Now place four gold statues to clear the room.

Jewel Chamber Puzzle

Vacuum up the sand to find the shapes. There is one hidden in a pot near the center of the room. Suck up and then fire the shapes into the correct holes to stop the poison.

That’s all of the solutions to the pyramid puzzles in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our locations guides for Hidden Boos and Gems.

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