Luigi's Mansion 3 Chooses Treat Over Trick With Halloween Release Date

Luigi's Mansion 3 Chooses Treat Over Trick With Halloween Release Date

I'm already working on my Gooigi costume.

In a stroke of genius, the new Luigi's Mansion will arrive just in time for spooky good times. Luigi's Mansion 3 will launch on the Nintendo Switch on October 31, or as most know it, Halloween.

This is a fun surprise, considering Nintendo games often launch on a Friday-like next week's Fire Emblem: Three Houses, for example. Seems like the company wanted to make sure it marked the occasion well on the Switch platform. You can check out the release date trailer embedded in Nintendo of America's Twitter announcement, and see some gameplay from E3 2019 in the trailer below.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is, like its predecessors, all about nabbing ghosts with your trusty vacuum. One of the major additions to this version is "Gooigi," an ectoplasmic alter-self of Luigi that is both alarming and endearing. From what we played at E3 2019, it seems like a solid update to the series with some neat twists on the formula with its double Luigi antics. Pulling cords with one Luigi to raise an elevator holding the other one, or just doing silly combinations of darts and suction, was a blast.

This also puts Luigi's Mansion 3 on the other side of both the Nintendo Switch Lite release date and the model revision of the base Nintendo Switch. Looks like you'll have plenty of new hardware to play your spooky Gooigi adventures. We'll have more impressions closer to Luigi Mansion 3's spookiest release date possible, on Halloween 2019.

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