Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gem Locations

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gem Locations

There are six Gems to collect on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Here’s where to find them.

One thing to keep in mind while playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 is that there are six Gems to collect on every floor. They are often very well hidden, and you’ll need to use all the tools you have at your disposal to get them. We’ve found all of them while playing, and we've outlined here where to find all the gems on every floor.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gem Locations

There are 102 Gems to find in Luigi’s Mansion 3. We've broken down their locations and where to find them by the following floors.

  • B2 - Waterworks
  • B1 - Basement
  • 1F - Grand Lobby
  • 2F - Mezzanine
  • 3F - Hotel Shops
  • 4F - The Great Stage
  • 5F - RIP Suites
  • 6F - Castle MacFrights
  • 7F - Garden Suites
  • 8F - Paranormal Productions
  • 9F - Unnatural History Museum
  • 10F - Tomb Suites
  • 11F - Twisted Suites
  • 12F - The Spectral Catch
  • 13F - Fitness Center
  • 14F - The Dance Hall
  • 15F - Master Suites

1F Gem Locations

Elevator Hall

The first Gem to grab here is just outside of the elevator on Floor 1. There is a vase to the right of the elevator door. Use a suction cup to break it.


Now, head over to the Lobby. At the check-in desk, you can slam down using the jump to raise the barrier. There’s a green switch here, so use your flashlight to trigger it, revealing the gem.

Lobby 2

Head to the far left of this area. Use the Dark Light to reveal a chair and a Gem Ghost. Catch it to get the gem.

Lobby 3

There are pressure pads to the left and right of the main chandelier. Use Gooigi and Luigi to trigger it, spin the chandelier using the vacuum to get the gem.

Lobby 4

To get the gem hidden in the picture to the left of this area, you’ll need to head up the escalator. Follow the path around to the left, you can roll up the carpet here. This exposes a drain, go down with Gooigi and slam down to free the gem.

Elevator Hall 2

To the left of the elevator, there’s a portrait of the hotel. There’s a switch below it, which you can trigger by using a suction cup.

2F Gem Locations

Entertainment Room

Use the vacuum on the swords on the right wall. You can then pick them up and fire at the dart board. This will reveal a gem.


Interact with the stall on the far right. Now interact with the toilet to spawn a gem ghost.

Dressing Room

Remove the coats on the left hand side of the room to reveal a safe. Flash it to get a gem.


Spin the forks to the right of the door to the restaurant. This will reveal a gem.


In the kitchen, open the freezer door using the suction cup. Grab the ice block on the left and hold it over the flame nearby. This is a gem.


To get the gem in the ballroom, just spin the chandelier.

3F Gem Locations


In the Boutique, there’s a mannequin bust to the left of the entrance. Use the suction cup to get in. There’s a chest here.


There’s a gem hidden in the display case against the back wall. Use the suction cup on an item nearby to swing and shatter the glass.

Men’s Restroom

Use the Dark Light to reveal the drain on the ground. Use Gooigi to head down. From here you can turn off the water by using the blow function. Now, you can head into the next restroom by opening a panel on the left side wall. You can now grab the gem given that the water is turned off.

Elevator Hall

Make your way up the right escalator. Follow the path around to the right, and walk towards the screen. There’s a gate here that you can break open by jumping. Move around the corner and to a chest containing a gem.

Elevator Hall 2

Head to the opposite side, same area but on the left. Gooigi can enter here then down a nearby drain. Follow the path, staying up top, and go into the wall.

Mall Lobby

To the left of the Accessories Store, you can use the Dark Light to spawn a ladder. You can now climb up to a chest.

Hallway 3

Finally, you'll want to head to the Hallway on level 2. There's a vending machine at the end. Keep flashing it to get the gem.

4F Gem Locations

Elevator Hall

There’s a trumpet outside of the elevator. Use Luigi to blow it and Gooigi to grab the gem.

Concession Stand

You need to use the blow function on the bottles, moving left to right.

Elevator Hall 2

Dodge the carpet rolls all the way to the left of the room. Defeat the ghost and then trigger the popcorn machine. If you do this a few times, it’ll pop out a gem.

Dressing Room

Use the Dark Light on the piano here. Play it to get a gem.


Slam down on the square outline on the stage to reveal a super suction socket. Use it to break the wall in front of you. Suck up all of the ghosts, and then head through the TV that appears. On the other side, vacuum the popcorn to get a gem.

Women’s Restroom

Righthand sink, use the Dark Light to produce a faucet. Turn it on to get a gem.

5F Gem Locations

Laundry Room

Use a suction cup on the vent in the far left corner. There’s a gem inside.

Hallway Outside Room 505

There’s a statue with a gem in its mouth outside Room 505. You can use the statue to the left of it to fire and break it, revealing the gem.

505 Balcony

There’s a balcony outside E.Gadd’s room. Look through the telescope and defeat the gem ghost.

501 Balcony

Head to the balcony outside Room 501. Use dark light to reveal doors here. Walk right and along the edges to get to the gem.

Room 507 Bathroom

Purple gem on the fifth floor, in room to the right of room 507.

502 Bathroom

Use the Vacuum to fill the bath with water. Break the yellow box that comes out.

6F Gem Locations


Head to the Armory, there is a slight crack in the brick in the wall here. Use the suction cup to break it down and grab the gem.


Open the rightmost keg and then move inside and to the right. There is a ladder here leading to the gem.

Cage-Lift Room

Use the cage to descend. Now, use the windmill switch in the top left to lower the cage. Use Gooigi to grab the gem inside the cage.

Royal Coffers

Make your way to the Royal Coffers on level 1. You can get there by pulling back a tapestry in the Coliseum Hallway, and using dark light on the space to produce a door.

Coliseum Balcony

As you exit the coliseum, you’ll come across the Coliseum Balcony. There are knights sat in stalls here. Use the vacuum on the one closest to the screen.

Hall of Armor

Back to the Hall of Armor now. It's by the entrance. There’s an empty slot to the right at the far end of the hallway where a statue should be. Use the Dark Light to reveal one, then smash it.

7F Gem Locations

Blooming Bathroom

There are piles pink petals on the ground here. Suck them up to reveal a drain, use Gooigi to travel through and grab the gem.

Mushroom Suite

Onto level four now and into the Mushroom Suite. Head into the lower area and use Gooigi to head into the pipe nearby.

Top of the plant

Make your way up to the top of the plant. You can move left and back onto the rafters behind. Walk all the way right across them to find a hidden room with a gem.

Elevator Hall

There’s a gem around the corner from the elevator. Use the Dark Light on the yellow painting.

Blooming Suite

In front of the bed is a chest of drawers. Use the Suction Cup to clear it, revealing a Gooigi drain. Head through and then flash the plant plant on top of the bed to get the Gem.

Ivy Bathroom

Use the mirror to identify a hidden grate. Use Dark Light to create it, and then head down with Gooigi. Now use the Dark Light on the hidden pipe on the right side of the room. Use Luigi to turn on the faucet on the bath up top. This will grow a plant. Flash it to grab the gem.

8F Gem Locations

Outside Elevator

You’ll find a helicopter, use the vacuum on it to reveal the next gem.

Studio Entrance

At the Studio Entrance, there is a desk with a film reel on it. You can pull a lever here to reveal a gem.

Movie Studio 3

In movie studio 3, there is a bicycle outside one of the houses. Use the vacuum to reveal a ghost. Kill the ghost to get a gem


Use the lift on the left to get into the rafters. Knock the frozen gem down, and then use the flames in Studio 3 to melt it down.

Studio 4

In studio 4 head into the bottle using Gooigi. Grab the green gem.

Studio Entrance 2

There is a rug on the ground to the left of the TV. Roll it up and then head down the drain.

9F Gem Locations

Elevator Hall

There’s a desk outside the elevator, vacuum the chair to spin it, the desk will flip. There’s a chest here.

Elevator Hall 2

Move around to the left corridor from the elevator. Along the right wall, there’s a switch which you can flash to reveal a wall ahead. There’s a safe here with a gem.

Elevator Hall 3 & 4

Once you’ve rescued Toad, you can use him to break open cases on the right side of the room. There are two here to get. Alternatively, you can use bones to break the cases, found where you defeated the t-rex.

Elevator Hall 5

There’s a skeleton above the elevator. Fore a bone at it to get a gem.

Elevator Hall 5

There's a glass case to the left of the elevator. Break it with a bone and then use Dark Light to reveal a gem.

10F Gem Locations

Sandy Grand Hall

Snake buried to the right of the pyramid. Dark light to rebuild, gem in its mouth.

Sandy Grand Hall 2

Gem buried to the left of the pyramid.

Elevator Hall

Head to the right of the corridor. You’ll see a statue here with a switch that you can pull.

Scale Chamber

There is a drain on the left side of the room. Use Gooigi to enter it and open the chest.

Jewel Chamber

There is a blue cross-shaped socket on the wall as you enter the area here. Find it byu smashing vases in the next room. Fill the socket to reveal a secret room.

Central Chamber

Use suction on this statue, there are three to open to reveal a ghost. Kill it for the gem.

11F Gem Locations

Bladed Bedroom

Vacuum the bookshelf poster on the left wall and then use darklight to create a door. Head inside and spin the big wheel so that the ghost swords hit it. This will spawn a red Gem.

Suit Bathroom

Find all of the cards. The hardest to find is on the shelf above the toilet.

The Lounge

Suction Panel on the wall to the north. Spawn Gooigi and place him on the left side of the room. Use luigi to flash the panel and then use Gooigi to get the gem.

Mirror Bathroom

Look in the mirrors and you’ll see a painting of a Gem, use the Darklight on it.


Put the hat on then slam down next to the statue of the three ghosts. A staircase will appear. Head up there to find a chest hiding a gem.

Trainer’s Bedroom

Spin the metal ring in the far left corner of the room.

12F Gem Locations


Head right. There are bridges you can form here using the Dark Light. Head across then suck up sand on the last island to find a chest.

Grotto Lounge

As you enter the area, use the dark light on the area underneath the skull

Elevator Hall

In the lobby area, just right of where you destroyed the boat, there is a red dotted line leading to a breakable floor panel. To reveal this, you’ll need to use the super-socket on the left of the area.


Mermaid statue to the left of the Beach area. Fire three coconuts at it. Slam trees to get them.

Beach 3

Head back to the right of the area, where you built the Dark Light bridges. Head over the first bridge and then dig to find a gem.

Elevator Hall 2

Grab the globe from behind the desk. Now fire it at the cannonballs hung near the elevator.

13F Gem Locations

Locker Room

Fire a soccer ball at the sign shown.

Weight Room

Use the mirror to head back and up the stairs. There is a set of scales at the far end. Step on them then send Gooigi to get the Gem.

Shower Room

Use Gooigi to go down it then drain the water and collect the gem to the right.

Elevator Hall

Get Gooigi and Luigi to stand on the circle on the floor. Suck up the gem from the trophy case.

Gym Lobby

Use the darklight on the broken desk to create a bell. Leave the room from the right and you’ll here the bell ring three times. Head back and ring it three times. Catch the ghost to get the gem.

Training Room

Head to the Boom Box. Switch it to channel 3 to spawn a gem ghost.

14F Gem Locations

Elevator Hall

Dance mat - Run along all of the unlit squares in one go. Then position Luigi and Gooigi on the unlit squares that follow. Head down the stairs and then grab the gem with Gooigi.

Elevator Hall 2

Head behind the counter to the right of the elevator. Remove the poster to head into the next room. Vacuum the coats on the left side of the room. This will raise the bench and give you a gem.

Elevator Hall 3

Turntables on the wall to the left. Use the vacuum on them, then jump slam underneath the block that appears.

Dance Floor

There are two black squares on the dance floor. Stand on them then use the super suction to bust the wall down in front of you. Use the light switch to spawn stairs either side of the room. You can now use Luigi and Gooigi to turn the records and free the Gem.

Dance Floor 2

Follow the steps above then use the darklight on the left staircase you spawned. In the room with the turntables, use the darklight on the shelves to the right. Use the vacuum on the head that spawns to get the gem.

Dance Floor 3

Go to the left turntable, up the staircase on the left. Walk towards the screen using the Dark Light to reveal a table and a gem ghost.

15F Gem Locations


Head left and there is a shadow boo statue puzzle. Line the shadow up with the portraits.


Head down the stairs and into the room on the left. Use the jump slam to break the books. One will remain. Pick it up and head back up the stairs and place it on the bookcase ahead.

Master Bathroom

Head into the drain with Gooigi. You’ll see the shadow of a gem down here, go grab it!

Master Bedroom

Use the scales to reach the very top. Head through with Gooigi.

Elevator Hall 2

There is a rug in the middle of the room here. Walk onto the tables eitehr side using Gooigi and Luigi. A gem will appear.

Elevator Hall 3

Finally, we have the gem behind the elevator. Use Gooigi to get up on top by heading through the drain. You can drop down to the right of the drain.

B1 Gem Locations

Service Hallway

Painting outside the lab room. Use dark light.

Laundry Room

Use suction cup on the door.


Gem in blue car to the right of the lab

Garage 2

There’s a Generator Room to the left of the area. Use Gooigi to get into the generator room. Suction the electrical switch, then flash it.

Service Stairwell

Gem under the stairs on way up to floor one. Use Gooigi to drop down drain.

Garage 3

Blue Gem - Head into the elevator shaft by using the suction cup on the vent to the right of the pink car. Climb up the ladder and use Gooigi to head down and collect the gem.

B2 Gem Locations


Red gem in room to the left, head through pipes with Gooigi. Leave water switch Once drained, grab the gem.

Waterworks 2

Further down the way, there is a platform that can be raised. Use Luigi to get up there and grab the Gem.

Elevator Hall

In the elevator Hall, head to the very right of the room. Head through the second pipe so you are up on a platform. Walk to the left to reach the Gem.

Old Reservoir

In the Old Reservoir on the bottom floor, head to the lower area and fire paint cans at the wall shown. A gem ghost will appear.

Observation Area

In the Observation area. Use the darklight to spawn a disco ball and play music. You can then use the darklight to spawn a boiler in the bottom left area of the room. Turn on the coffee machine to get a gem.

What Do You Get For Finding All of the Gems?

Once you've collected all 102 Gems in Luigi's MAnsion 3, head back to the Lab. From here, go to the Gallery. You can now equip the Suction Shot C item. It's essentially a diamond attachment for your suction cup.

That’s all we have so far for the gem locations in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, why not check out our breakdown on where to find all of the Hidden Boos.

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