Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gold: Fastest Ways to Make Money

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gold: Fastest Ways to Make Money

You’ll collect money constantly in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Here are the best ways to get gold.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 let’s players loose in a haunted hotel, with ghosts to catch and Gems to collect. There’s also money everywhere, and you can collect it to spend on some neat time-saving items. To help make sure you’re making as much money as possible, we’ve put together this Gold Guide. We’ll outline the very best ways to earn money, and give you some tips on what to spend it on.

Catching Gold Ghosts is the Best Way to Make Money in Luigi’s Mansion 3

The very best way to earn money in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is to catch Gold Ghosts. These are hidden on each floor, so make sure you’re backtracking through every room to find them. There’s one on the 3rd floor, in the Spade room, in the fridge. They’re often hiding inside breakable items. Once you see one, flash it to stun it, and then suck them up. Money will then begin to pour out of your vacuum, so make sure you collect it all.

Gold Bars

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for Gold Bars in LM3. These will add a ton of money to your total, and are found pretty much everywhere in the hotel. The first one you can encounter is in the laundry room on the B1 floor. It’s up on a shelf in the top right corner of the room.

What Can You Spend Gold On?

You won’t be able to spend your Gold until you meet E. Gadd. Once he has invited you into his Lab, you can use the Shopping Network to spend money. There are three options:

  • Gold Bone - Polterpup will come to your aid if your health reaches 0! He’ll take the bone after restoring your health though… (cost: 1000)
  • Boo Finder - That’s a cartridge that’ll project the location of a Boo on your map. Each one reveals the location of one Boo! (cost: 1000)
  • Gem Finder - That’s a cartridge that’ll project the location of a gem on to your map. Each one reveals the location of one gem!

When Should You Spend Your Gold?

We recommend having at least two Gold Bones at all times in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This will really help with boss battles, and ensure that you’ll be revived if killed. In terms of Gem Finders and Boo Finders, try to save your money until right at the end of the game. Some gems will be easy to find, so there’s no point buying the finder items until you need help mopping up at the end of the game.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Gold in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, why not check out our locations for every Hidden Boo.

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