Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hellen Gravely Boss Fight Walkthrough

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hellen Gravely Boss Fight Walkthrough

Here’s how to beat the penultimate boss fight in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s main villain is Hellen Gravely, at first at least. You’ll fight her right before the final fight on floor 15, and it’s a seriously tough one at that. To help you get through the Hellen Gravely Boss Fight in Luigi’s Mansions 3, we’ve put together this walkthrough. We’ll explain the phases of the fight, and the best ways to get through it.

How to Beat Hellen Gravely

The first thing you’ll want to note are the green drains around the sides of the map. These can be used by Gooigi to circumvent the lasers. These lasers will spawn, and you’ll need to switch to Gooigi to head below. There are four switches here that you’ll need to hit to turn off the colored lasers. You can activate the switch gates by slamming down with Gooigi.

Once you have 3 or more lasers deactivated, you can switch back to Luigi to stun and then catch and slam Hellen Gravely. This is tricky, as she will drag you all over the room, which is why you need the lasers deactivated. Once you’ve damaged her, it’s onto the next phase.

Dodging Lasers

Once you’ve damaged Hellen, you will need to dodge lasers. Some can simply be outpaced, so just run around away from them. Some are faster and lower, so just jump over them.

Hitting the 4 Colored Switches

The aim with each phase of this boss fight is to deactivate each colored laser. Each has a specific switch, matching its color. Only Gooigi can access these via the drains in the top left and bottom right corners of the stage. While doing so, keep an eye on Luigi, and switch back to him to dodge attacks.

What About When the Water Starts Coming In?

Gooigi’s one weakness is water, and it’ll pour into the underground area in the third phase of this fight. Just try to time your descent to avoid the water. Planning your route through the underground will help here.

You Can Get Away With Not Turning Off Every Laser

We actually managed to catch Hellen with only two lasers still up. She will drag you around though, so this is much riskier than getting them all.

That’s how to beat Hellen Gravely in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, there’s our Gem Locations Guide. There’s also a look at beating the final boss—King Boo.

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