Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hidden Boos

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hidden Boos

Here’s where to find the hidden ghosts in LM3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is essentially one big puzzle box, with gems and ghosts hidden behind vases and chests and in sneaky hidey holes. One of the main things you’ll be tasked with is finding hidden boos, essentially very elusive ghosts that you’ll need to suck down and tally up. We've managed to find most of these Boos in our playthrough, and are here to give you some hints in finding ‘em. Let’s get started.

Hidden Boo Locations

There is a Boo on every single floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, except floor 15. Which means 16 in total. We’ve included hidden boos for the following:

  • B2 - Waterworks
  • B1 - Basement
  • 1F - Grand Lobby
  • 2F - Mezzanine
  • 3F - Hotel Shops
  • 4F - The Great Stage
  • 5F - RIP Suites
  • 6F - Castle MacFrights
  • 7F - Garden Suites
  • 8F - Paranormal Productions
  • 9F - Unnatural History Museum
  • 10F - Tomb Suites
  • 11F - Twisted Suites
  • 12F - The Spectral Catch
  • 13F - Fitness Center
  • 14F - The Dance Hall

B2 Hidden Boo

First off, head to the Waterworks area. Now use the valve to turn and release the hidden boo. Now head into the main Tank room. The hidden Boo is in the fridge in this area.

B1 Hidden Boo

Now we’re onto the basement level. Here, you’ll find the laundry room, but most importantly the lab. To find the Hidden Boo, go to the left side room, and into the area where the laundry machines are. Now, slam an object in the area, shine a darlight on the ghost and then catch them.

1F Hidden Boo Location

On this floor head toward the screen, until you see a gargoyle to the right of the screen. Interact with this gargoyle, until the Boo appears. Head back to the elevator, it’s hiding in the vase to the left of the first area.

2F Mezzanine Hidden Boo

Now onto the second floor of the hotel. To find the hidden Boo, go to the girl's bathroom. Head to the far left stall to trigger the fight.

3F Hidden Boo

Okay, now onto the hidden boo you can find on the third floor. Go to the men’s bathroom, interact with the right hand toilet. Now, head outside and answer the phone. Now, go to the jail cell, where you fight the security guard, interact with something in the room. Next is to head back to the men’s bathroom, interact with the sink. Now, go back outside, and left, interact with the nearby vase.

4F - Hidden Boos

In your playthrough of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll now need to head to the music floor. As before, go to the restroom, smash the toolbox to get the Boo out.

5FHidden Boos

This one’s easy. Head to room 504. Interact with the drawers in this area.

6F Hidden Boos

Head to the medieval area of the hotel. Break a suit of armor in the Coliseum Balcony area. Head to the door on the left, down the stairs. Break the statue on the other side of the spikes.

7F Hidden Boos

You’ll now head into the floral gardener's part of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Make your way to the Ivy Bathroom. Suck and slam a watermelon to free the ghost. Now, go to the Thorny Bathroom, slam a vase and collect the ghost.

8F Hidden Boo

In LM3 you’ll be making your way to the film area of the hotel. In Studio 1, smash the crate in the bottom right corner. You can now fight the ghost.

9F Hidden Boo

Next on your journey to find all of the Hidden Boos in LM3, go to the unnatural history museum. Go to where you fought the dinosaur boss. Interact with the paining in the top far right.

10F Hidden Boos

Onto the tenth floor. Go to the Scale Chamber. Break a vase in the room. A Boo will appear. Fight it and collect it.

11F Boos

Onto the eleventh floor now. Into the false bedroom. Interact with the desk to the left hand side on the side of the room.

12F Hidden Boo

Head to the Grotto Lounge. Break barrels in the room. In the starting area. There’s the ghost.

13F - Fitness Center

You’ll first need to make your way to the Yoga Room. There are vbaskets in here, smash them to reveal the ghost. It will now flee to the pool area, use Gooigi to pass through the gate to the right of the pool.

14F - The Dance Hall

For the final Hidden Boo, make your way to the fourteenth floor. Head to the Gift Shop area, right of the elevator. To get the ghost to appear, simply interact with the cash register.

What Do You Get For Finding Them All?

It’s hard work finding all of the Hidden Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the reward isn’t that great to be honest. Once you’ve collected them all, head to the Lab and into the Gallery section. Here, you can equip a new flashlight, that shows a boo when you shine it on walls.

That’s all we have so far on finding all of the hidden ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, check out our guide on Gems.

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