Luigi’s Mansion 3 Paranormal Productions Walkthrough: How to Get the Red Megaphone on 8F

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Paranormal Productions Walkthrough: How to Get the Red Megaphone on 8F

Here’s how to clear 8F in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 features some pretty awesome themed-floors, including a ghost-run movie studio. Paranormal Productions can be a little tricky to clear however, as you’ll need to visit four studios in a certain order to proceed. Read on for a full walkthrough of 8F: Paranormal Productions.

Paranormal Productions Walkthrough

First off, you need to make your way to the right of the lobby, and down the hall containing posters. In this next room, there is a TV. Flash it to trigger it, you can now head through to grab a Golden Key. Use the Golden Key to get into the studios. You’ll now need to get the red megaphone for the Director. Follow these steps.

You’ll need to head into each of the four studios and turn on the TVs. You can now use them to bring items from room to room. Start with the Bucket in the main room. Take it to Studio 1.

Get behind the camera and then switch to Gooigi. Pick up the bucket, and throw it into the hole. A ghost will appear, and the bucket will now be filled with water. Head back to the main room and into Studio 2. Get behind the camera again, and then water the plant using the bucket. This will grow, you can now climb it. Grab the Torch.

Now head to studio 3. Trigger the scene by getting behind the camera, fire will start. Light the torch using the fire, and then make your way to Studio 4.

In Studio 4, you can now trigger the scene and burn the cobwebs, freeing the red megaphone.

8F Boss Battle

After you’ve given the megaphone to the director, you’ll fight a kaiju boss. Just use the blow function to fire it’s attacks back at it. As the fight progresses, you’ll need to use both Luigi and Gooigi.

So there you have it, a full walkthrough for the 8F Paranormal Productions level in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, check out our Gem Locations Guide. Elsewhere, find out what we thought of the game in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review.

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