Luigi’s Mansion 3 Thorny Bathroom: How to Clear the Thorns From the Toilet

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Thorny Bathroom: How to Clear the Thorns From the Toilet

Here’s how to get through the Thorny Bathroom room in Luigi’s Mansion 3’s Garden Suites level.

The 7F section of Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place in a garden-themed area called Garden Suites. It’s here that you’ll have to climb up a giant plant, clearing rooms of thorns and other obstacles. One room in particular, the Thorny Bathroom, can be a little tricky to get through, so we’ve put together this guide. Read on to find out how to progress through the Thorny Bathroom.

How to Clear the Thorns in the Thorny Bathroom

While making your way up the giant plant in Garden Suites, Luigi will be blocked by thorns. You’ll need to head into the Thorny Bathroom to clear the way, breaking apart the root of the thorns. To do so, fire a suction cup at the nearby trash can. Drag it close to the toilet, and slam it down. This will break the toilet and the roots within. The way forward will be clear now.

Where is the Thorny Bathroom

The Thorny Bathroom is located on the seventh floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You’ll need to make your way up the giant plant here, and the Thorny Bathroom can be found about halfway up, on the left hand side.

That’s how to clear through the Thorny Bathroom in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more on the game, make sure you check out our pages on where to find all of the gems, as well as our look at earning money quickly.

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