Lunch Break Special: Megaman Unlimited, Nostalgia Imminent

Have some nostalgia with your Sunday brunch. After five years, Megaman Unlimited is finally, finally released.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

Made by fans for fans, Megaman Unlimited is a project that has been five years in the making. The story is a familiar one: eight robots have gone on a rampage, a doctor is in peril, and there is only one mechanical boy capable of saving the day. In case you weren't sure, that's you, chump.

Megaman Unlimited features a veritable gamut of health hazards and enemies, all designed to kill you dead. The Robot Masters line-up look fairly interesting as well, though I have my concerns about the appropriateness of a character named Nail Man who also features a, er, pointed end. Innuendo much? I've only just begun chipping at the surface of the game but, thus far, it looks and feels like what any good 8-bit tribute should be. For those expecting a more thorough analysis of this fan-made platformer, one is, quite possibly, in the production line.

Today's Lunch Break Special is best consumed what whatever reminds of when you first laid hands on a Megaman game. Download the game here. Expect ridiculous amounts of traffic.

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  • Avatar for karobit #1 karobit 4 years ago
    Not that there's any reason it shouldn't be, but I'm amused that this game is 600 times larger in filesize than any of the NES titles.
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