Lunch Break Special: Second Chance

With the Monday blues weighing on your shoulders, do you think you have what it takes to save the world? Today's Lunch Break Special wants to know.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

Omnipotence can be a dangerous thing especially when it's wielded from the brink of destruction. What would you do if you were in charge of Earth's last, desperate attempt to save itself from destruction? Do you painstakingly lead your men through the perilous task at hand or do you take joy in being a complete and utter jerk?

Second Chance is a puzzle game, I suppose. It's also quite possibly an all-too-short point & click adventure of same variety. Regardless of what you might call it, one thing's certain: Second Chance is hilarious. As the head honcho over at Ground Control, you're responsible for ensuring the survival of a team of astronauts as they blast off into space, a giant explosive in tow, in an attempt to stop an asteroid from obliterating all terrestrial life. Their target? No pressure.

For reasons unknown, everyone's a little too willing to listen to your directives. If you tell the crew to detonate the bomb inside their ship, they'll do exactly that. The pliancy of your colleagues is, as you might have imagined, is integral to all the ensuing silliness. There's a weird sort of delight associated with seeing exactly how many ways you can screw up this mission (or just confuse people by informing them it's all just a joke). Second Chance is short, but satisfying enough to go with a mini doughnut.

Play the game here.

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