The Mad Box Console Has a Handle, GameCube-Style

The Mad Box Console Has a Handle, GameCube-Style

The Mad Box is a real console and it has the handles to prove it.

Slightly Mad Studios is working on a new video game console and today the company's CEO Ian Bell shared some concept designs for what this new hardware could look like.

Bell shared the designs on his Twitter account along with some additional details on features. The Mad Box is not currently in production but Slightly Mad is in discussions with manufacturers regarding the necessary components. According to Bell the specs for the Mad Box will be like a "very fast PC two years from now."

These designs certainly look like fancy PC towers, but Bell says the Mad Box will occupy a home console space. Want proof? Mad Box is aiming squarely at the GameCube by having deployable carry handles. The Mad Box also apparently "weighs very little," and can "talk" to other Mad Boxes without cables, though Bell didn't elaborate what that means.

Previously Bell said that the Mad Box will support 4k graphics, 60FPS, and most existing VR headsets. Slightly Mad also says the Mad Box will play cross-platform games, and that the company isn't eyeing exclusives as they don't necessarily believe in hardware exclusivity. The company plans on sharing their cross-platform Madness engine with developers but won't offer incentives to have games be Mad Box exclusives.

Prior to the Mad Box, Slightly Mad was best-known for its Project Cars simulation games which are popular among enthusiasts. The Project Cars titles also support VR which is presumably a reason why the Mad Box will support the platform as well.

Bell hasn't announced a release date or price for the Mad Box but says it will be "competitive" with rival hardware.

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