Mad Technology Wizard Makes Switch Lite Playable on TV...With a Catch

Mad Technology Wizard Makes Switch Lite Playable on TV...With a Catch

Some people thrive on technicalities the way the rest of us thrive on food.

You can't play the new Nintendo Switch Lite on your television, because you cannot dock the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is scientific fact. Even technical teardowns of the handheld reveal the Switch won't work with third-party workarounds like pseudo docks that plug into your wall.

But for some electrical engineers, words like "impossible" are loser talk. The My Mate Vince YouTube channel is especially notorious for cobbling together the weirdest workarounds for game console limitations that "can't'" be surmounted. Many of these unorthodox solutions involve marrying new digital technology with ancient analog tech that hasn't been useful since the '80s. The channel's latest project, a version of the Switch Lite that can technically be played on a television, is one fascinating example. Yes, there's a Switch Lite, and yes, it's hooked up in a way that makes it playable on the television. Only catch is this particular television is a Panasonic boombox/TV combo from 1984.

The breakdown shows the process is actually pretty simple, but it requires a veritable vipers' nest of cords and adaptors to make the Switch Lite's picture show up on the black-and-white Panasonic set. Everything works out quite nicely. We even get a demonstration of Cuphead and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe running on the small screen. The games run at 60 FPS without a problem, and without any lag from the Pro Controller. There's even sound.

Other examples of technological monkey business from our mate Vince includes a Switch that runs on a 1986 Sony Watchman pocket TV and a somewhat horrifying "Nintendo Switch XL." If you prefer handhelds that aren't corrupted by mad science, read our Switch Lite impressions.

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